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No, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, nor turned into an undead, nor been whisked off by aliens... I'm alive!   Summer camp really helped me sort out a few corners and conundrums for book 2. So I'm glad to say I'm nearing the end of the first draft of book two, which may or may not keep its title as Guardian. I had a plan I liked for the ending, but I realized I could have a different ending. Now I'm waffling.    

Suzuki Soujirou by Artbreeder + AWV (retouches)

Saturday is Suzuki Sojirou's birthday. Jiro will be in book 2 as a much more prominent character. It's been fun to see his character grow as I write.



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Monday, September 6
I'll be interviewing Diane Morrison about her book, A Few Good Elves, that releases Tuesday. It's been awesome to watch her writing journey for this book and I can't wait to help her share more about her book, her journey, and hopefully get to repay at least a little of the kindness she's shown me and countless other authors!
Friday September 10
A tutorial or CSS work. TBD.
LONG crafting stream
We are VERY close to the goal - 95% as of today! Viewers have been so patient as they poured points into a ridiculously large goal. I don't think 1 crafting day will do it justice. My current thought is to do a minimum of 3 streams, with different crafts for each. Since we had art donations from ⚝Senna Nightshade⚝ and EyesOfSleepingHollow, we'll definitely do a coloring day. (Thank you both of you!) There have also been requests for nalbinding and spinning. But am open to suggestions and hope to do a poll.



My eldest switched majors and headed to a new college this year. He's really enjoying his studies to be an addiction counselor. My youngest headed back to the classroom at her school. She was home for a year and a half with virtual learning. It's strange to be in the house by myself when hubs is on travel. The fuzzies are at least here to keep me company. :D   Speaking of the fuzzies, we setup a new dig box with rice in it. I was loathed to use a food item for the dig box. But it thrilled me to find it really helps take the strong oil off their coat as they roll and dig.

Pocky and Mochi in the new rice dig box


So what does one do with 5 bunches of bananas?

I ordered 5 bananas today, and we got 5 bunches in our grocery order. Our freezer is not working right now. Otherwise, DD and I would make banana bread like crazy to stock up for the next year. We have 2 takers for a bunch of bananas. But that still leaves 3 bunches... \(o.O) ;/


Upcoming Plans

Finish Book 2 draft, edit it and get it off to my lovely editor, then let the beta readers pour over it. Interested in beta reading? Click here for more info.   I'm starting a new (as I have time to work on it) project to help provide more tools for writers. Details soon!
How are you all doing? Was your summer a good one?  

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5 Sep, 2021 21:39

*HUGS* I am so glad you are doing better. Definitely take the time to take care of yourself.   I love Jiro, so excited he gets to keep growing!

Lead Author of Vazdimet.
Necromancy is a Wholesome Science.
6 Sep, 2021 15:47

<3 Thank you! I'll do my best. And you take time to care for yourself to, ok?

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