STATE OF THE FOX - May 3-16, 2021

Has it really been 2 weeks since I last checked in? Poof! Evidently it was.   This week marked the one-year anniversary of getting my ferret, Pocky. I waited 2 decades to get him and can't imagine life without him (and our 2 others).

Pocky (lower) and Mochi Discover a Rope Basket

  My crew and I strive to get out for a walk each day and it's doing our mental health a ton of good.


Rise News

The Rise blog tour and release have wrapped up. I shipped all prizes shipped out, except for one ebook I'm waiting on an email for. I've sent my book to the Library of Congress. And I added a chapter and a half to the Rise: the Liminal Chronicles Sample here on WA.



My Twitch streaming schedule changes this week. I'm cutting back the number of days, but increasing the hours of the Write In stream. This should help with productivity both on stream and at home.  
Mondays 12:30-3:30 PM CDT
Write In! (This way we can actually make some traction. An hour just wasn't enough to get in the groove. Let's mash that keyboard on Mondays!)
2nd and 4th Fridays 2-3 PM CDT
Tutorial Day
When we reach the crafting goal, I'll schedule a nice long crafting session.


Articles Completed

CSS: Fill in the Blank Game
HH: CSS Tips and Tricks | May 16, 2021

How to use WA code and CSS to make a Madlibs style fill-in-the-blank game


Upcoming Plans

Write! Guardian (book 2) needs a finished first draft and a plan for a release date!   Attend the Anime Central Online this weekend. (I recorded a talk on the Yakuza and am waiting to verify they accepted it and if so where it is in the schedule.)   Finish the Costume Challenge article.
  What are your plans? What projects are on your plate?

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2021 Updates


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19 May, 2021 18:48

Its already been a year? Goodness. Time simply does not exist in the way i think it does...

~Confused Soup
20 May, 2021 00:59

I feel that!

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