STATE OF THE FOX - June 6, 2021

Another 2 week summary, because life is just that way sometimes.  

Liminal Chronicles News

Guardian (Liminal Chronicles book to tentative release will be in January 2022.   Volunteer work for ASC and WritersCONduit took up much of my time the last couple weeks.. (It's going to continue this way until after WritersCONduit.) So I don't have the re-do of Guardian's plot finished yet. My goal this week is to finish that. (I have all the info from various sources in one place now - a Trello board. I just need to compile what I have in the story and then decide what stays in the book, what I cut, and what goes to book 3.)   See? Progress!
  The Rise ebook sale will continue through June 11.



Last Monday I started on an entry for Havok. I'm not sure if I'll continue on that or work on Guardian.  
Monday 12:30-3:30 PM CDT
Write in!
Friday 2-3 PM CDT
CSS Development - Live for Squirrel Wars World


Articles Completed

Converted Nakamura's Absolutely Accurate Advice to a generator. It was fun, though I haven't had enough time to play with generators more than that.



We rented a room at our local Game Store all day as a very late Christmas present for some dear friends. It was a blast! And a much needed break for all of us. We played Wingspan, Flashpoint, and 7 Wonders. Also, a baby dragon jumped into my hands and insisted he come home with us. Meet 'Sparky, Destroyer of Snowflakes'.
Sparky Destroyer of Snowflakes
  The happy but embarrassingly dumb thing this week is that I found my PO Box key. Finally! My family says, "When momma can't find it, it's REALLY lost!" Well, I really lost the key for a few months, until last week. It was in one of those 'I'll remember it here' spots, but buried. At least I have the key and can access my PO Box again!   If you have a business and are in the US, I highly recommend getting a PO Box for your privacy. I am tempted to do a virtual mailbox, since they would deal with the junk mail and the beginner plans are the same rate as my physical mailbox.   It's hot here and the upcoming week will continue the trend. Mornings start out too warm to take the ferries outside. So we try to brighten their day inside. I hope to finish cleaning out my craft area. Then we can let them run in a bigger area with more places to hide and explore during the day.


Upcoming Plans

  • WritersCONduit scheduling and planning
  • Finish re-planning Guardian


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    7 Jun, 2021 20:51

    I love the thought of using Trello for plotting, going to have to look into that!

    8 Jun, 2021 00:25

    Let me know what you think of it when you do try it. :D

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