STATE OF THE FOX - July 11, 2021

Liminal Chronicles News

I am chugging along at a minimum of 1K words per day on Guardian. Before July I had 51K words, but I cut 10K+ words after some evaluation that just didn't work with where I wanted to go. I'm close to 50K words in the manuscript again.   As a reward, I get to work on WA Summer Camp prompts. I've finished the first 10, editing and prettifying too! Since I achieved Bronze level, I will try for silver and keep evaluating at each prompt release.   While it's working to write the prompts up and prettify as I can, I hate going back much later. So I am *trying* to finish the group in each prompt set before the next release. This may derail my attempt to complete them. But we will see.  



I'm streaming 3 times a week during July - ONLY on summer camp prompts, to ensure I do get some time to work on them. (Yes prompts are a reward. But I tend to procrastinate a bit. Having a stream that people rely on is a good kick in the priorities for me.)


Articles Completed



In order to get Japanese study, book writing, streaming, and summer camp in, I have to schedule my days carefully. There's been little time for anything else. I sneak walks in as best I can. But I'm looking forward to having the first draft done and camp prompts completed.   Oh! ANNNNND, Garrett Grace Lewis did an awesome crazy character portrait for me!


Upcoming Plans

This coming weekend with the WA Sanctum Coffee and Sage Seminars + Pokemon Go Fest will be a blast. (Yes, I still play! It gets me outside and moving. I will play as long as it does that!) I'm also hoping to get to some of our state parks as a family before my eldest heads back to college this fall.
  How is your summer (or winter if you're in the southern hemisphere) going?

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