STATE OF THE FOX - Jan 16, 2022

Liminal Chronicles News

This month I'm working on a submission for a Greek myth re-write anthology. It's a fun break from Liminal Chronicles, while I wait for the development edits from my editor.   I've also been revamping my media kit page and working on a fill-in-the-blank template for it for WA and Notion. I hope to have those ready soon.  



Sat Jan 22, 1-4 PM CST
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Mon, Wed, Fri 9:30-11 AM CST
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Our white ferret had splenectomy (spleen removal) surgery Friday. Poor little guy! But now that his huge, swollen spleen is gone, he's much more active and ferrety. I can't wait to let him play when his isolation is done later this week.



VssCollab, the VSS (very short story) challenge where we make longer stories / story snippets from twitter posts is going swimmingly. I'm loving reading all the entries!   I'll run more prompts for February. And we'll do the read aloud on Feb 4 and 'In Threads' zine later in the month for the best of our stories.   Intrigued? Check it out!

A VSS (very short story) challenge on Twitter, where writers thread tweets together to create flash-fiction. Read the best in the 'In Threads' zine and tune in on Twitch to hear the authors read their favorites.


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