Inspiration and Tips from Around the Web - June 25, 2020

Today I'm sharing inspiration from around the web, so I can stash it away for future use. But if it is useful to you - snag the inspiration (not the acutal items) for yourself!  


Mr_Industrial posted this gem to /r/worldbuilding on reddit.
Heres a Paranormal animal registration form, for if you decide to keep that thing lurking under your bed.

Paranormal Animal Registration by Mr_Industrial



Giant trees like this one. (I seriously think VR-trakowski and I are tumblr twins. I LOVE their blog and reblog much of what they reblog!)

Giant Trees by Tomasorban's blog (via VR Trakowski)



This shirt: Women Organic Linen Washed Short Sleeve Open Shirt from Muji. (I love linen!)  

Mythology Research

Since my book Rise:Liminal Chronicles has mythological aspects, of course I had to watch what another author who wrote about myths from other cultures did for research.  

Author Tools

You'd think that I would have discovered Google Drawings by now! Oneriwein posted his fabulous DM sheet in the Sage channel on discord (viewable to Sage level and higher on WA) and I was sold. This and my google sheets 'Save the Cat' beats sheet will be my go-to planning. (I'm so stoked to see good free tools! )


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