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Fox's Picks of the Summer Camp 2022 Document Articles

Articles that Fox feels are outstanding from SUMMER CAMP 2022 Document Category. These articles will receive the "Kitsune Approved Quality Document" sticker.  

Kitsune Approved - Quality document SC 2022.jpg

Effort and uniqueness really drew me to articles.

Runners up

The Grand Cartographic Journal
Document | Jul 31, 2022
The Journals of Lüe
Document | Jun 18, 2023

'The Journals of Lüe' are a seminal Edenian document, still taught to grade schoolers throughout Oz—even thousands of years later.

Observations on the Asta
Document | Nov 27, 2022
Personal journal of Dr. Hendrick Jonaszoon 1575 - 1578
Document | Jul 24, 2022
Travel Logs of Geertruud Smallbottom
Document | Feb 3, 2023

They contain more than scientific research.

Bericht des hochwürdigen Meisters Galenirs Perliz über seine Reise nach Heilhem
Document | Nov 19, 2023
Timbletok's Journal
Document | Jul 19, 2022
An Exploration of Mid-Dysvoll
Document | Jul 28, 2022

A record of Cynthia Cavendish the Explorers travels of three mid-dysvollean nations.

The Lieben Files
Document | Jul 28, 2022
The Autagavaia List
Document | Jul 26, 2022
Rockrunners Guide To The Bos Magara
Document | Jul 31, 2022
Chronomantic Tenets
Document | Feb 16, 2023
The Palate of Patala; Danger, Opportunity, And Culinary Exploration
Document | Jul 27, 2022

A collection of adventure logs and recipes that seek to answer the question: can you eat that weird thing over there?

The Journal of Girom
Document | Aug 11, 2022
Tarawari Tampu's Retied Strings
Document | Jul 22, 2022
Walking the Planes
Document | Jul 27, 2022
Klovhernsman's Journal of the Journey Westwards
Document | Jul 25, 2022
First letter of Seleucus Martext's diary
Document | Aug 28, 2022
The Adventures of Elizabeth Bismuth
Document | Jul 31, 2022

The Most famous work of Fiction(?) In the Mortal Lands

Chronica Ratis
Document | Jul 21, 2022
Cat Knowledge Collection
Document | Jul 17, 2022

The collection of all knowledge discovered by the cat scientists


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Sage eccbooks
E. Christopher Clark
28 Aug, 2022 20:02

Thanks for including my article on this list! I feel honored to be in such esteemed company.

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