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Fox's Picks of the Summer Camp 2021 Materials Articles

Articles that Fox feels are outstanding from Summer Camp 2021 for the prompt "A vital trade resource that supports a settlement or region". These articles will receive the "Kitsune Approved Quality Material" sticker.   Effort and uniqueness really drew me to articles. Not all are finished, and not all have images.
Material | Jul 12, 2022

A strange and powerful mineral, uncommon, yet both useful and highly sought after.

Black Bog Oak
Material | Jul 30, 2021
Erbar Quartz
Material | Jul 29, 2021

Quartz mined from Erbar, known for its quality and interesting inclusions.

La Culture
Material | Jul 29, 2021
Green Clay
Material | Jul 26, 2021

Green clay is a rare and highly valuable resource that is known for its durability and is only present in the waters of the North Sea and a few lakes.

Material | Oct 30, 2021

Water is vital to mortal life. It springs from ground, flows along the land and drains into the sea. Along the way, certain types of water gain magical properties that are beneficial to alchemy. These waters are often harvested and traded.

Material | Sep 19, 2021

Mithril is a surprisingly lightweight, silver-blue metal that is essential to a variety of technologies, the most important of which is Starfaring Engines.

Sunaro's Tula Export
Material | Feb 19, 2022
Hexocybin Mushrooms
Material | Aug 13, 2021

Mushrooms growing in the magical soil of the Kirinal Pit confer temporary magical power to those who eat them, but they are slightly poisonous. They are the main ingredient in psychic beer.

Gossamer Glass
Material | Aug 2, 2021

Shining brightly in the dark, gossamer glass amplifies light shown though it.

Material | Aug 5, 2021

Behind the Blue Shine hides one of the most important Metals of the Modern Age.

Reull Stone
Material | Aug 1, 2021

A stone with supernatural heat.

Leche de Heists
Material | Oct 6, 2022
Hod Ice
Material | Jul 29, 2021
Rainbow Fish Filets
Material | Jul 26, 2021
Scorched Sand
Material | Jul 30, 2021
Material | Jul 24, 2021
Anubian Crystal
Material | May 29, 2022
Spikefin Oil
Material | Jul 23, 2021
Yarach Wood
Material | Aug 1, 2021
Material | Jun 8, 2023

Starmetal refers to any alloy comprised entirely of metals mined directly from a star or its subsequent supernova, provided the metal currently retains the cosmic magic of the star from which it was harvested.

haber crystals
Material | Jul 5, 2023

organically grown mineral reagents that can help make magical metal alloys

Material icon credits: Backwoods

Cover image: by macrovector and AWV


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