WA Summer Camp Party Invite

Are you ready for World Anvil Summer Camp? Just a few days now! 

Operation Hype

Qurilion of The Happy Sun Lodge and I (with Liminal Chronicles) are teaming up to celebrate on our discord servers and we cordially invite you to join us to kick off camp with us on July 1 and probably July 4 too. 


Flamingo Floaty by Vicko Mozara


How to Join in on the Party

The Lodge discord has #summercamp_party (for the party) and #summer-camp (for feedback, sharing, help, prep, etc) channels ready for us. Liminal Chronicles discord has #summer-camp (for anything related to camp - party, feedback, prompt help, etc.)   To start the party off right, we have ?drink?hype, and ?encouragement commands available on the servers. Toast your comrades. Show your enthusiasm for camp and for each other's accomplishments. Give support for your fellow campers.   We'll host sprints and help with inspiration to ensure you can earn those top badges for camp! In addition, several streamers in our combined discord servers and friends will be going live for the event kick off.   

World Anvilite Streaming Schedule for Summer Camp and Beyond

To have your streaming event added to this calendar, DM the following to ShyRedfox in Discord
1. Your Twitch/streaming URL
2. Your streaming schedule with dates/days
3. Fill out this form and send me the link it generates so I can easily add it to the calendar.   Thanks! -- Shy Red Fox

Camp Article Tips

This year's camp is specifically set to avoid popularity contests. WA invited the Inner Sanctum and above to sponsor a prompt in a category. Sponsors get to pick the category - but the prompt remains secret. Each sponsor will judge as they see fit. That said, making your article as attractive and easy to read as possible will help you help the judges.   Qurilion wrote up a great article on this called SUMMER CAMP 2019: HOW TO GET NOTICED DURING CAMP (AND BEYOND!)   My suggestion is to have a private article with items you use all the time as a reference--in example and a code snippet formats. It can contain any codes for Font Awesome icons, images, containers with their class names, subcontainers, statblocks, and styling other aspects important to your world. Then you can copy and paste what you need and crank out top quality articles even faster! Here's an example of this for a container I use as an intro block on my stories.



Discord Links for the Host Servers

The Happy Sun Lodge
Liminal Chronicles
Join us! We'd love to kick off camp with you!


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