Update - July 5, 2020

Last week:

    • Wrote 3 articles for camp
    • Streamed on twitch 3 days in a row
    • Started planning a Stylus (CSS editor) tutorial and a Textile series for my streams
    • The WA streamers calendar took off like a rocket and is morphing quickly into a Network. This is sucking up much time, but a blast to work on.
    • Decided I am not able to do NaNoWriMo camp along side WA Summer Camp and getting the streamers network going.
This coming week:
    • Write up the WA blog versions of my tutorials this month
    • Summer camp articles! 
    • Get the base architecture for the network setup in its own world and finish the new calendar setup (direction on how to get on the calendar and how to
    • Do the streams for Stylus (Tue) and first in the Textile series on Nalbinding (Thu)

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