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Vidrohi Jatila

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This is not a fictional world, or even a drastically unfamiliar one. It is the future of our world. Not a dystopia, not an unrealistic unfamiliar colony on some as of yet undiscovered planet. A city, developed by the technology of the communications era, the teleportations era, and the climate preservation movement, not to mention world wars 3 and 4. Oh yes, and the invention of time travel. Nepal, 2401. Not too far away, but not too close. Distant enough for there to be plenty of changes, especially concerning government. What are the rules of time travel? Is it really so simple to pop back in time? Yes. yes it is. For the characters in the Vidrohi Jatila, visiting our century to observe our quaint customs is as common as commuting to work every day. So what does this mean? Has society finally overcome its struggles to coexist now that humans are capable of communicating so quickly, of observing all our past mistakes with such ease? Of course not. What kind of a story would that make? Instead, the Vidrohi Jatila offers a spoiler and a sneak peek of what we are most likely to become if technology continues the way it is today, supported by modern science with no need for imagination or magic. Step through a portal, and discover some of the most paradoxical elements of a world where everyone holds far too much power over reality - if you dare to ruin the surprise.

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