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Victoria's Land

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"Victoria's Land's vegetation is wild and vital. The backwoods, ruffled steps, the dark, rough tides lashing snow-white cliffs and monumental fiords present a peculiar beauty of raw and savage, inexorable nature. To survive in this place it is essential to develop certain virtues of a character. Stamina, diligence, modesty and hard work for the good of society. Thanks to those strengths and undeterred will, with a great effort, the scholars and engineers have built for us the capital city- Heethrowcest. The pearl of the civilisation and technology in a heart of a wild. Victory of the God's children over the nature."   ~from Archbishop of Catenbury's Epistle to the working class of Hanover~       "Nowadays the place, for a poor mass means a colder equivalent of Hell. "   ~from the diary of Shackala Sirvastava~

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