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Exchange of Creations

To celebrate the end of the year, members of the local Artificer's guild challenge themselves to craft a gift for one of their guildmates, both as an act of camaraderie between craftsmen and a test of the skills they have learned over the year.


No one quite knows how the tradition started. However, if someone were to pose that a group of artificers deciding to gift random small creations they had made using left over materials from the year had something to do with it, they wouldn't be likely to find much push back on the idea.


The Exchange of Creations begins approximately two weeks before the winter solstice, during which time artificers are to select who their gift will be for, design said gift, and craft it. The gifts are then exchanged during the solstice festivities.

Components and tools

Artificers are allowed to use whatever is at their disposal within their respective workshops. Exact rulings and limitations on what would be considered an appropriate gift vary depending from on branch of the guild to another, though crafting anything that might be categorized as a weapon is typically frowned upon.


The selection of who-makes-what-gift-for-whom is usually randomized via picking names out of a hat or the like.    The pool of names, though, can vary greatly depending on the community and even the rank of artificer. Apprentice and journeyman artificers typically keep the gift giving to those within the same workshop as them. Meisters and other established members of the guild will often select names of their peers instead of their students, though some opt to select a name from both groups.


Participating artificers select the name of their giftee two weeks prior to the winter solstice so as to give themselves time to design and craft their gift.    During the solstice festivities, the gifts are then exchanged.
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Dec 3, 2022 15:07

Response no. 2 for the prompt. I wanted to make a more traditional gift-giving tradition with this one. As I was writing this, though, I couldn't help but think of those Maker Secret Santa videos you see on YT.   If you want to see my first response for an alternate take on the gift-giving, you can find it here: Feast of the Slumbering Sun

Dec 5, 2022 14:18 by Carolyn McBride

This is a great piece that really captures the feeling of gift-giving while being just a little different than what we're used to. Well done!

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Dec 5, 2022 17:33

Thank you! I wanted to make something fairly traditional, but also avoid having it feel commercialized (hence why I talked about the Artificer's Guild instead of the Merchant's).