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The wreck of the EFS-Odyssey

An odessey of tragity

Written by DM Windu

Tell us about a famous wreckage in your world. What happened to it?      

Odyssey Bridge Log: EFS-Odyssey; 12-6-09

Video feed corrupted; audio only.


Officer K██████: "Multiple hostiles! Coming at vectors 185 by 204 and 170 by 297"

Commander M███████ of Nemo class Fireball 2 comes onto the radio

Fireball 2: "Odyssey, we're taking heavy damage; we need supporting fire!"

Admiral R███████: "Negative Fireball 2, our guns are down."

Fireball 2: "Copy that Odyssey, I- [unintelligible] My god, Fireball 4 is down, i repeat, Fireball 4 is down! We need that flak!"

Admiral R███████: "Negative Fireball 2, weapons are still down and-"

[several distant explosions are heard from the Odyssey.

Admiral R███████: "Lieutenant, damage report!"

Officer K██████: "One moment... negative, I'm not getting any communication from the rest of the ship."

Fireball 2: "One moment Odyssey, my ship's swinging around... oh god..."

Admiral R███████: "Fireball 2, respond, what's the damage to the Odyssey."

Fireball 2: The ship's gone, sir. Whole engine block's cut off; I'd get out of there if- Jesus, pull up!

Admiral R███████: "Fireball 2, respond! Fireball 2, please respond!"

Officer K██████: "There's gone, sir. We should leave.

Admiral R███████: "Yes, I think that we should... oh..."

[a loud explosion is heard, followed by silence]

End of Log




After the Federation decided that member nations would need to maintain patrol fleets, the Federation needed a cruiser to be center of the fleets. They eventually decided on a prototype design, the Artemis class. The first ship of the class, the Odyssey, was produced for testing purposes. After testing at ██████ station, it was planned to be taken to the Vega testing grounds so that it could be tested in Vega's dense asteroid belts.


While being taken to the Vega testing grounds, it was ambushed by a large pirate fleet. The pirates used an EMP device to disable the Odyssey's weapon and drone systems. Due to the absence of supporting fire from the Odyssey, it's escort fleet was entirely destroyed. The interior of the Odyssey was stripped by pirates, and it was left drifting around the edge of the Otan system.



Weapons & Armament

4 mass diver cannons running the length of the ship (One sustained heavy damage to the barrel during combat. All of the cannons are now non-functional due to the ship being broken into three parts, severing the acceleration tubes.) One large missile turret (inoperable due to lack of power and damage to missile delivery system.

Armor and defense

The Odyssey's armor was 5 meters thick.

Additional & auxiliary systems

The Odyssey was a gateway-drive equipped ship, and subsequently has a type-3 Capital Gateway drive

Hangars & docked vessels

The Odyssey could have up to 12 ships of corvette size or smaller. It also has a small drone bay, capable of housing ten drone fighters for close range combat capabilities.


The remains of the Odyssey and her escort fleet, taken by Lieutenant J██████ onboard the FEV-Triton





Vestran Federal State







Complement / Crew

25 crew

Cargo & Passengers Capacity

10520 kg of cargo

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