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The southern-most colony of Thuon Khor, Kwon is an important mining colony and a major source of income for the Empire.   Formed by the Zenas family of Vaash, Kwon sits on an extremely rich cave system full of residuum. Originally found by Goth explorers, they decided to sell the location of the caves to the Vaashian Zenas family rather than their homeland of Gothul. The Goth government saw this as treason and led to the explorers seeking asylum inside Vaash. The colony itself has been extremely successful, exporting thousands of tons of residuum back to Thuon Khor by way of Arsab. Because of security reasons, no teleportation circles exist around Kwon and instead all shipping is done by Vaashian ships escorted by the Thuonin navy.   Kwon has fully submitted to Thuon Khor and allows direct rulership over the colony in return for a healthy cut of the profits from the colony going to Sovereign Yulinda Zenas and her family. While only increasing in the extreme wealth of the Zenas family, it also has made them extremely favorable in the eyes of Thuon Khor.   The inhabitants of Kwon are mostly either miners, sailors, or soldiers. There is little in the way of luxuries and markets, but Kwon is seen less of a place to settle and more of a long-term work location. Almost no one within Kwon lives longer than a contracted work period, typically somewhere between 3 months and 2 years. Only the individuals involved in administration and the few shopkeepers are long term residents, with a few exceptions.   The leader of Kwon is Mage of the Sun Merdisar. An older human man hailing from Xandulor, Merdisar was an influential mage who had long been a thorn in Numia VI's side. Constantly advocating for policies contrary to Numia's decrees, the queen finally plucked him from the court of the aging King Xuros, leaving the frail halfling king without a public voice. While this was technically a promotion within the Empire, Merdisar is not unaware of the political move made against him, but as the soldiers of Kwon are much more loyal to Numia VI than him, he instead chooses to fall in line and perform his duties as expected.

Less than 1000 permanent residents; 35,000 long-term contracted workers
Location under
Owning Organization
Thuon Khor

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