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Temple of the Law-Bearer

Erathis the Law-Bearer is the goddess of law and civilization, so no city is complete without a home for her. Rulers, officials, lawyers, and law enforcement alike come to her altar to seek guidance.
Temples of Erathis tend to be rather austere. They often follow a Reman architectural style, because she was held as a patron of the old empire; bare marble or other stone dominates, softened occasionally by understated banners, tapestries, and carpets. These are places for solemn contemplation.

Mythology & Lore

Erathis was once the patron goddess of the Reman Empire, so there are many tales of her involvement in the Empire's affairs. The earliest and arguably most well-known is the story of how she came to be Remus' patron. Legend has it that when Remus escaped from slavery under the Draconic Dominions as a boy, he spent three days traveling non-stop to get as far away from his old master as possible. On the third night, he finally collapsed from exhaustion in the middle of a dark forest. He awoke some time later to find himself at the edge of a cool spring, surrounded by dire wolves, with a freshly killed rabbit beside him. Wolves are wild creatures, but have long been considered sacred to Erathis for their strong sense of community; Remus took the fact that these dire wolves had saved him as a sign of the Law-Bearer's favor. He was able to drink some water and cook the rabbit without any aggression from the wolves, and they continued to bring him food until he was well enough to travel again. But when he left, one young she-wolf followed him. She became his companion for many years to come, until she succumbed to injuries after saving Remus from a fiend that was trying to infiltrate his inner circle.

Tenets of Faith

  • Utilize the company and aid of others. The efforts of the individual often pale against the capabilities of the community.
  • Strive to tame the wilds in the name of civilization, and defend the points of light and order against the chaos of darkness.
  • Uphold and revere the spirit of invention. Create new setĀ­tlements, build where inspiration strikes, and expand the edicts of the Law-Bearer.


Erathian services are held on Terasday, and are usually quiet, solemn events. Worshipers listen to a sermon on philosophical topics relating to the law and the nature of civilization, then pray for their leaders and lawkeepers to receive the guidance of the Law-Bearer in the following month.
The holy month of Erathis is Gathering, the tenth month of the calendar. The fifteenth day is a feast to celebrate the harvest, the bonds of community, and the mutual love between the Law-Bearer and the Wild Mother that makes it possible for even civilized people to enjoy the bounties of nature. The seat at the head of the table is left empty with a place set for Erathis to symbolically join the festivities; sometimes, a place at her right hand may be saved for Melora as well.


  • The mainline Erathians are primarily dedicated to maintaining law and order. Her clerics hold a special status (in most countries) that allows them to act as arbitrators in legal disputes. They are not authorized to preside over trials, but they can handle minor disputes like property damage or petty theft. It's a popular alternative to civil court, because the clerics only charge a nominal fee and both sides plead their own cases instead of hiring a lawyer.
  • The Order of Asenna is an ancient order of Erathian paladins dating back to the Reman Empire. Named for the dire wolf companion of Emperor Remus who gave her life to save him from a fiend, they take the dire wolf as their symbol, and dedicate themselves to protecting civilization from evil influences. Some are permanent retainers of monarchs and heads of state; others travel where they are needed to investigate cases of suspected possession or infiltration within the government. When a settlement is threatened by the hosts of Bane, the hordes of Gruumsh, or Torog's marauding slavers, several Asennans may be mobilized to help the defenders counter whatever evil magics may come with them.
  • Other Erathians may be involved with the Sovereign Order of the Western Star. As an order with the mission of protecting the frontier, the Western Star was formed around a primarily Erathian core.

Religious, Sect
Parent Organization
The Twelve

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