Ra is a title used by the leadership in Devkarth. It is a title bestowed only to those that are considered worthy to rule by the Devkarti people; due to their war-like nature, becoming a Ra is often a very grueling and harrowing task to accomplish, though it has been attained through less savory means such as assassination or poisoning.

Despite that, the word of a Ra is always expected to be followed. They act as the leaders of the Devkarti people.


Unlike most forms of royalty, Ra is not something that is inherited through generations. It is not a hereditary title, but is instead earned through trials and tribulations taken on by the Ra in question. In order to become Ra, the following qualifications must be met:

  • You must have lead no less than 100 men or women into battle. Certain Ra are typically very matriarchal on this rule, and will make the rule only apply to women.
  • You must have at least one active Ra endorse you.
  • If you have not lead this many people into battle, another method of being approved by the active Ra is through slaying a Dragon .
Alternatively, a Ra may earn the title by defeating another Ra through trial by combat. This is the much more common method of earning the title.


Upon earning the title of Ra, the Ra in question is to arrive in the city of Levia for the ceremony. There, all the current active Ra are expected to attend a special festival where they bestow their blessings upon the Ra for their newly attained title. Each Ra is expected to bring a 'boon or blessing', in the form of a valued item to be granted to the newly appointed Ra as a gift for their earned rulership.


The Ra are expected to lead and protect. Put simply, they guide and lead the men and women of their city and serve as the primary military commanders of Devkarth. Each Ra has absolute control over their own personal army. Being a Ra shoulders great responsibility, however; not only must they lead armies, but they must also ensure prosperity for their home city.

The Ra appoints the Rao; special military prefects (essentially governors) that help advise and handle economic tasks relating to their city.


Being a Ra comes with a lot of different benefits.

  • Fame: The mere title alone forever changes the last name of whoever acquired the title. Example; Azandi Ashim would become Azandi Ra-Ashim for the rest of her life. Becoming a Ra means fame, influence, and power. The word is law, and no one is to question that power outside of extraordinary circumstance.
  • Luxury: Needless to say, the Ra is usually rich. While Devkarth isn't fond of relying on inheritance, each city has a castle built specifically to house the Ra and serve as their home. Furthermore, they're the ones who get to receive all the income from the taxes collected from the people.
  • Political Strength: With the title basically equating to a King or Queen, it goes without saying that being Ra means a lot of political power.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

There is no method of removing a Ra permanently. However, an active Ra may be made inactive when somebody challenges them to a trial by combat. This will render their services inactive, and leave the victor to rise as the new Ra in their stead.

Cultural Significance

Other cultures interpret the Ra as a mere King, Queen, Lord, or Lady. However, the title of Ra is often considered much more important to that. It is a title that is placed just beneath divinity. Those who have the title alone are thus, treated as something similar to Gods, and in fact often worshiped for their deeds and accomplishments. Ras are always enshrined in special burial grounds in whatever kingdom they were originally active in; their lives and memories are meant to be made immortal.

'Ra' means 'Sun' in the Devkarti language. This references to their main Religion, which worships a Goddess that embodies the sun itself.

Notable Holders

Nagi Ra-Hesslar: The original founder of Devkarth. Before Devkarth was found, it was primarily a savage and empty battleground filled with tribes vying for control over the Lonely River; a long, and winding body of water found cutting through the center of the continent. Nagi, famously dubbed the 'Little Conqueror' for her youth, lead her tribe to unify the River and form Devkarth.

Nobility, Non-hereditary
Still in effect
Form of Address
Equates to
King or Queen. They're still fundamentally different due to there always being at least seven active Ra at any given time; one for each major city of Devkarth. Ra is an inherited title that continues throughout one's life; in Devkarti culture, there is nothing higher in power than a Ra. However, active Ra(The Ras who rule over one of the seven major cities) are considered to have more sway than the inactive ones.
Source of Authority
The People
Length of Term
Related Locations


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