Allfather is the prestigious head of the The Faith Keepers. They are also the head of the Church of Aine, and are, in the human's eyes, seen second only to God himself.


Generally speaking, the Allfather is handpicked by the previous one to carry on the mantle. In rare circumstances that this tradition cannot be followed, then the Cardinals within Llyne will convene to vote on who will be replacing them.


Though they do not strictly enforce it, the Faith Keepers have historically made the title of Allfather Human exclusive. Despite this, it is very possible for somebody to acquire this rank, as non-human cardinals have existed in the past.   The only requirement to truly become an Allfather is to be appointed a Cardinal at some point in life.


Becoming an Allfather is a matter of ceremony held within Llyne. An important celebration is hosted, gathering all the cardinals within the city to convene at the center and announce the new anointed Allfather to those faithful to Aine. The Allfather kneels before a statue of Aine, before each cardinal bestows upon them a blessing.


The Allfather is to represent the Church itself, serving as the de-facto leader of all matters of the The Faith Keepers, and Aine's clergy.


The amount of political power an Allfather carries is massive; as they're granted control over the most popular faith of the Human race. They are treated as an Emperor or King of sorts.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Chalice: A golden, decorative chalice that's meant to represent the Everflowing Chalice. It is wrought of gold, and inlayed with a different gemstone for four sides; an Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire, and Diamond. They often carry this chalice with them.   Red Shroud/Cloth: The Allfather always dresses in deep red cloth and hood.   Silver Mask: In every outing, the Allfather always wears his silver mask; a gleaming, decorative and featureless mask with nothing more than simple eye slots to see through.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Death is the only true way to remove the title of Allfather, outside of persecution from the Cardinals. Should the Cardinals unanimously agree that the Allfather must be replaced or removed, then they will be relieved from their duties.
Religious, Clerical
Form of Address
Source of Authority
The Church of Aine
Length of Term
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