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Nati Tamsha

Written by strawberryAle

Sometimes simply called the 'Nati-Nati' by the Devkarti, the Nati-Tamsha is a reptilian creature found populating the Exiled Lands of Devkarth, and is frequently used to travel through the land due to their capabilities of serving as powerful guard dogs and mounts. While the Nati homeland is found strictly within the Exiled Lands, the Devkarti have recently found the Nati's usefulness and have taken to exporting them throughout the country. So long as a steady amount of food is given to the Nati, they make very loyal creatures that are incredibly easy to domesticate and teach.

Basic Information


The Nati have evolved along with many of the other Devkarti species; they are reptilian, covered entirely in scales, while their backs are covered in a thick series of leathery plate-like scales that provide protection against most would-be attackers. Due to the small spines found along their back, domesticated Nati are generally always covered with a saddle to provide maximum comfort for the riders.   The Nati Nati are broadly built and quadrupedal; the most apt way to describe their frame is similar to a crocodilian. Their legs, however, are long, powerful, and built specifically for sprinting. They are tipped with powerful claws, with the front feet capable of curving and being used as proper weapons for shredding into prey.   Nati Tamsha essentially means 'Snaggle Toothed' in Devkarti, while Nati Nati effectively means 'Snag-Snag'. This comes from their teeth, which are known to always be visible outside of their mouths. A common trait in the carnivorous wildlife of Devkarth, the Nati-Nati's teeth are frequently described as several sharp spikes staked out to line their maw. Their jaw is capable of opening far wider than normal, allowing for two pronounced fangs at their upper jaw to stab into their prey. Their heads have incredibly thick skulls, with two curved horns. One just above the nostrils, far larger and more pronounced. Males or 'Bull' Nati are identified with a second horn resting behind the first, upon the forehead. The eyes are at the sides of the Nati's head. Pits rest below the eyes but behind the two upper fingers, designed to act as an extrasensory organ.

Genetics and Reproduction

The best way to describe how the Nati-Tamsha interact is through their somewhat violent mating seasons. Nati Tamsha put on bold, physical displays to attract their mates, and argue with each other through loud howling and roars. They make physical gestures and prepare to fight. Should neither back off, then they joust. The Nati Tamsha charge head onto each other, each making a ferocious attack that can -- and often does lead to fatal results in the wild.   Nati females will go for whichever Nati Tamsha has impressed them the most; bulls will often attract multiple females at once.

Growth Rate & Stages

Cubs: Cubs are young Nati that spend most of their time living with their mother. The cubs are very vulnerable to predators out in the wild, including other Nati. Tragically, a mother Nati Tamsha will almost never turn to eating their young, and will actually sacrifice itself to care for its children if necessary. Nati fathers often care for the cubs as well, but spend most of their days hunting to provide food for the family. He will leave once the cubs reach around six months old, while the mother then begins to train the children to hunt for the next six months thereafter. At a year old, they become adolescents, but are still often called cubs due to their smaller size.   Bulls: Technically beginning at a year, when their mother leaves them, the Nati Tamsha males are called Bulls. Bulls are known to be more temperamental than females, and also far more physically imposing. Bulls are more popular for guard dogs or beasts of burden than anything, as their quick temper makes them somewhat dangerous for mounts. Bulls are sometimes gelded to remove their temperament.   Nelly: Female Nati's are called 'Nellies'. They are just as dangerous as males, with teeth and claws fully capable of tearing through prey at a whim. Their hot temper is still present, but they are still far more docile as long as they're kept with a full stomach. Thus, Nellies are generally favored by the Devkarti for a variety of reasons. Their agreeable nature allows them to be decent mounts, very obedient guards, and perfect beasts of burden.   Nelly's are almost never bred into captivity unless they're given enough space to do so; this is because a pregnant or mothering Nelly is incredibly hostile towards those that she hasn't bonded with. While her owner or master may be allowed to interact with her cubs, any stranger that isn't at least guided by their master may be met with a swift and likely painful death.

Ecology and Habitats

Exiled Lands: Native to the Exiled Lands, the Nati Tamsha prefers very dry environments. They prefer the desert, as it allows for them to dig things far easier than other creatures. Nati Tamsha enjoy making burrowed areas to sleep in, and often dig deep holes until they reach ground water. Nati Tamsha are notably fond of mud or cool earth, and are known to roll in it whenever possible.

Dietary Needs and Habits

The Nati Tamsha aren't strictly carnivorous; though they prefer meat over all else, their teeth and rough hide are useful for biting into cacti. Nati-Tamsha frequently devour cacti if they cannot find prey, as it provides just enough essential nutrients for them to get by. Aside from that, they typically hunt just about anything that happens to have meat on it.   Unfortunately for those exiled to their home, that includes men. It's no secret that a Nati Nati will happily eat a man, and though that may be a turn off to some, the Devkarti know well enough to feed the creatures before they turn their hungry eyes upon them instead.

Biological Cycle

Nati lose patches of their scales as they grow; shedding 'plates' of them from time to time. Their teeth are also capable of regrowing, and can sometimes even be found broken off inside their prey.

Additional Information


Generally speaking, domesticating a Nati-Tamsha requires a lot of patience and isolation. Wild Nati Tamsha are simply lured by food. The Nati Tamsha very rarely passes up free food, and is quick to 'befriend' anyone that happens to feed them frequently enough. This friendship lasts up until that person is unable to feed them, but can be prolonged rather easily. In time, the Nati Tamsha actually forms strong bonds with their owners.   They view them as a maternal figure, and generally try to protect them the best they can. Most Nati Tamsha are born into domestication, or trained at a very young age, when their mother and father would still be hunting to feed them.   Bulls are usually gelded at a young age to keep them from growing too temperamental.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The chunks of scales they periodically shed are capable of being fashioned and reworked into fine leather armour, but aside from that, the creatures are generally used as mounts. They're also used as beasts of burden on many occasions; and are especially popular for pulling carriages or carts.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Due to recent domestication, the Nati Tamsha are now currently found across Devkarth. They are also frequently sold to merchants overseas at exorbitant prices, but have yet to be found populating any other island in Veska. Wild Nati-Tamsha found wandering in between the Exiled Lands, and the Gulbani Flats.

Average Intelligence

Nati Tamsha seem to have relatively high intelligence for a creature. Though stubborn and hot-headed, they are known to learn rather quickly, especially if a reward system is present.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

The pits on the Nati-Nati are capable of detecting heat, and allows them to see in infrared. Due to the exiled lands being rather barren otherwise, this allows the Nati-Nati to identify prey that stands out among an otherwise empty area. It also allows for the Nati to detect the dangerous, predatory worms that twist about beneath the sands.
Nati Tamsha have long lifespans and do not stop growing; thus, their size can get humongous. They can reach beyond a a century before dying. Nati Tamsha are sometimes inherited and passed down as a result.
Conservation Status
Due to their great importance, all Nati are generally under Devkarti protection. Hunting the creatures is strictly prohibited, however, the Exiled Lands are an incredibly vast stretch of area that very few choose to travel through outside of necessity or -- you guessed it, exile! Fortunately for the Nati Tamsha, they are generally avoided anyway due to their size, strength, and ferocity. A fully grown Nati Nati is capable of ripping a man to shreds within seconds.
Average Height
Roughly 5-7 at the shoulders. The largest can reach a staggering 8 feet tall. Rumours of giant ones are often considered mere myths.
Average Weight
4800~5500 Pounds
Average Length
14~17 feet


Author's Notes

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