Vescrutia - Alliance's Reach

Grand Crossing

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Embark on an adventure to the apex of evolution. Join the odyssey on Vescrutia where you can embark on a journey self discovery spanning the word over, meeting people from all walks of life and crafting a story only possible here. Its special place in orbit around its suns bathe it in a special form of energy called Naten. Each piece of creation on Vescrutia carries Naten with it and turn, can harness its abundance.   In turn, there are those who seek to capture and contain this abundance, use it to castigate and subjugate the young, the weak, the naïve. The ever changing balance of harmony and chaos is affected by5 every individual on Vescrutia and you are no different. Embark on a journey to find your place in the story. Will you resort to monopolizing your own force and carry your will through Vescrutia? Or will you use your influence to inspire a new era of peace?   The choice is yours...