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Magiana, the Kingdom of Arcana

Magiana was formed in time unscripted, by an immortal leader's drive to pursue knowledge and understanding of the arcane world they lived in. The relatively small kingdom was formed by some of the greatest minds in the continent, ruled through intellectual prowess under the guide of Speaker Therissa Manadrain, and her council of the Three Eyes of Amandis, three archmages aiding in the drive for knowledge during the times of the Great Tournament.


The empire was ruled by the Immortal king during it's founding, but in his absence from the political stage, it is ruled by his daughter, Therissa, and her council of archmages. To live in a kingdom that was founded by its ruler's efforts in the study of the arcane and the categorizing of history, means many of the people of Magiana have basic education by default, and are proud of the system they have for their youth. From the mere ages of 10, youngsters are enlisted to spend up to eight years of their lives to study and learn fundamentals of basic and advanced education, and even magical studies for the gifted, or the vigorous.

Those whose zeal for the arcane matches their innate desire for a better study, have chances to earn it in arcane tournaments or becoming the understudies of other greater sages, studying as novices before attaining degrees, diplomas and parchments to show off their efforts. The state provides the necessities to its citizenry thanks to their work force, those who do not desire to study the arcane, practise it in the wilds to gather resources.

Some of the common classes a player can be coming from Magiana are spellcasting ones, like Wizard, Sorcerer, Warlock, Ranger or Eldritch knight. Magiana has a tendency to scold the divine, folk desiring to find more founded understanding through the study of patterns and the usage of the wave, rather than believe that something happens because a god wills it so. In the great system of threads that is the universe, Magianian scholars seek to untangle the knotted threads and find new ways to explore what is possible through magic. 


Magic is a core of life in Magiana, where it's people utilize it from simple tasks of labour and construction, to their systems of education or to communication. Warfare isn't necessarily pursue by Magianian's as a goal from which their studious efforts should showcase results on, as their empire is mostly focused on the wellbeing of their people through arcane wards and defensive glyphs. Due to this passive stance, Magiana is told to have people with the most neutral views when it comes to the outer politics that envelop the continent of Verx, but whether there is truth to that statement is a debate that plenty share hours of discussion on outside of Magianian ground.    Older customs on Magiana date back to the ages where orcs ruled it's vast plains, and mirror their culture in that aspect. Older beliefs are scarce, with modernization on an arcane foundation expanding by the day, as brighter minds sculpt the future of the empire. This strive to abandon the old and explore the new is a drive that is common in Magiana, where invention, discovery and arcane progression end up being goals most of the citizenry idolize excelling at.

Public Agenda

Magiana acts as a diplomatic state and a fountain of information. Its prestige has grasped it as a neutral state against the warfare between the other two major empires on Verx, and plays a far more defensive war, focusing its military attention instead to it's inner problems, such as monsters or the risen dead. Necromancers are a blight to the world and less rare in Magiana, as students of magic often resort to necromancy's lure for easy access to ancient knowledge and power, even though it is highly restricted.

As far as factions go:

The Wandcarvers are the most prominent, an adventuring guild formed to send out expeditions to aid other guilds in their endeavours, mainly the Solis Heart and the Yirioun Joust organizations.

The Solis Heart is an archaeological sect of the kingdom, a guild made up of clusters of universities founded by human nobility and kept in check by dwarven hands. Its constant requirement for dungeon and ruin delving has made them a popular target for new found adventurers, though have habits of keeping resources found in the depths for safekeeping.

The Yirioun Joust is a guild that works as a faction of the Great Tournament of Champions in the arcane style, organizing magical bouts and events for the populaces entertainment. Due to unfavorable circumstances after Gevarian aggression, fewer such tournaments are held in the heart of the empire. Such events are more accessible in kingdoms outside Magiana, where they are hosted as lucrative once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for it's contestants to try out for, and for viewers to watch. 


Magiana's main income comes from their system of trade and the masterful craftsmanship of magical goods. Potions and scrolls are a common resource, and magical items, although a great achievement in their own right, are not an extremely rare occurrence by some of the prestigious enchanters working together with arcano-smiths. Magianian folks also gain income through tourism, since museums or houses of lore are often attractive to outworlders. Their well known education system throughout the world beckons many a noble to send their offspring for studies within their abundant collages, which pay tribute to the council that rules the empire for access to tomes of knowledge and arcane lore. 

Magiana soldiers are amassed most often not by common peasantry, but by creatures of arcane origin, such as summons, constructs or illusions. Their forces are often comprised of small groups of choice arcanists or specialist forces, be it wizards proficient in the school of evocation or arcane knight battalions that wield both blade and spell. Elementals at times are utilized by conjurer groups during siege operations of old, and in dire situations, the overwhelming force of destructive spells has been utilized when the empire is threatened by outside forces. The council that leads the empire itself is comprised of many such archmagis capable of performing feats of that calibre, should it be necessary for the defence of the empire.


Magiana's history is all written down meticulously in quill and parchment, even though it is performed in excruciating detail. It is quite difficult to find specific information on most topics at times, not due to a lack of it being archived, but the amount of sources, detailed descriptions or archived sections being so numerous, it's full research becoming a slog. Regardless, the empire has had plenty of important moments throughout it's existence, such as the founding of the city of Aithen, the citadel of the kingdom's greatest minds, or the fall of Castor the Thunderer, a tyrannical ancient blue wyrm that attempted to conquer the young empire during the years after the Heartscar wars. 

Magiana also suffered tough times, such as when the horrible tribe of orcs called the Blightborn, servants of the Demonlord Jubilex, dissented on the populace of the previous capital, Troulin, and reduced it to a silent ruin within days. To this day, the pestilence brought by their warlocks stains the ancient ruins, making the old city inaccessible to almost all but the most daring souls. 

But the greatest one are the disappearances of academics, called the Snatching, where scholars who research into specific and now forbidden fields of study, almost within a night, are found gone, without a trace left behind. Mysteries such as this have driven the more studious populace, the more powerful mages and researchers that is, into more secluded and preserved study, leaving less capable teachers to teach modern youth, as greater wizards are left alone in isolated towers and keeps for their own protection.

Scholars from Gevaria are scorned for being mere novices in the practices of the arcane fundamentals, but even from them we can learn vast things on how war shapes the mind of education
-Archmage Talitas, quote during lecture teaching.

Geopolitical, Magocracy
Alternative Names
Arcania, Kingdom of the Arcanists
Magianian, Mage-branded, Tophats (dismissive term used by Gevarians), Maji (Stands for "Maji's Folk")

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