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The realm is an epic plane of magical and technological advance, where people live ordinary lives in constant threat to the ever-present demons, dragons or other malevolent beings that seek power. In a world where life works as simply as medieval fantasy, the common man has to face threats as simple as drought, to as common as a goblin raid, to as fearsome as the rampage of the living dead under the command of a lichlord. And its in this world where heroes rise to prove their mantle, mercenaries fight to gain coin and fame, and the lot that hunts power, whatever the cost may be. It is a realm of deceit and honesty, where society changes from kingdom to kingdom, where war can take place on the very next day, or where the end may be heralded during the greatest of celebrations. Ever-changing, Verx shifts as the people of the land grow and adapt to the changes around them.   Magic drives this realm, defined by it's origin, be it Divine or Arcane. Magic users are a curious lot, and certainly more uncommon than the rest. The stronger the magic, the rarer it will be, merchants offer wondrous wares to those with heavy coin pouches, and ancient relics remain locked behind the grasp of fearsome forces in the world.   The divine presence on Verx wanes, as gods appear distant to the bulk of their followers, only giving direct aid to their most devoted champions. Devils and Demons fight for an anchor on the stable plane of the realm, and many monsters from beyond the stars are hurled upon the world. This is a land where magic may not be in every person, but every person can use it if they have access to it, inviting forces beyond the material plane into Verx.   On the subject, the realm is very old. Ancient evils harbour and covet power to increase their status, and large palaces, treasure vaults and fortresses, are now the many ancient ruins, dungeons and complexes that house many of the world's less wanted creatures. Growing in the shadows, schemes are prepared and unfold, bringing terrible consequences should they not be stopped in time. Heroes past have taken arms before to ensure the stability of the world, be it selfless paragons of justice, to champions of greed, to adventurers driven by greed, to seekers of occult knowledge. Verx has seen it's fare share of unique characters, and will continue to do so, should the malign forces not succeed in bringing ruination.    The world is large and opportunity awaits in every corner. It's ancient history remains still to be discovered, and it falls to the people seeking to make a difference to explore all that can be offered.

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