The Mages Guild

  The once proud Mages Guild remains but a shell of its former self. Nearly destroyed during the Reckoning, it has survived due to the heroic efforts of the Archmage Los, who has seen the guild through the rapid shifts in power. At one time the Mages Guild ruled over much of magic; controlling magical travel, magic item creation, and guarding the world against the terrible secrets the arcane hides. However, after being shattered by war and rebellion, the Mages Guild can barely maintain power in Majital, let alone the world. However, the future of the Mages Guild is brighter due to the resurgence of new magic from distant lands. The hunger for knowledge rekindled and unbound by the bygone bureaucracy, Los hopes to lead the guild into more prosperous times.   Starter   A set of Artisan's Tools of your choice, a letter of introduction from you guild, a set of traveler's clothes, and a belt pouch containing 15gp.   Improved Starting Equipment - Choose three from the following item sets to start with: x3 Potions of Healing, Pole of Collapsing, Antitoxin, 2 empty vials, Bullseye Lantern, Smokestick, Net, Hourglass   Vault of the Taltaken - This is a major upgrade which makes several starter items, listed below, available. This also will allow for Taltaken to be constructed in the future, which will be a special agenda to do so.   Current members gain access to these items.   You can only choose one of these items to gain as a part of your starting equipment.
  • Taltaken Flamestaff - This weapon functions as a quarterstaff, however if the spell green-flame blade is cast through it, you can effect a third creature with the effect that would normally affect the second creature with the spell. All normal rules still apply and it must be a separate creature from the first two targets.
  • Taltaken Vambrace - While wearing this item, whenever you would hard cast shield, your AC from the spell is increase by 6 instead of by 5 for the duration.
  • Taltaken Mask - While wearing this item, whenever you would hard cast a damaging cantrip, you deal 1 additional point of damage with that cantrip.
  • Taltaken Gauntlet - While wearing this item, whenever you would hard cast Thunderwave, you deal an additional 1d8 of damage and the knockback is 15 feet instead of 10.
  • Taltaken Belt - While wearing this item, whenever you would hard cast Enhance Ability, you can select two instead of one of the options available.
  • Taltaken Greaves - While wearing this item, whenever you would hard cast Misty Step, you can teleport up to 100 feet instead of 30.
The above items do not require attunement, but you can only wear one Taltaken item on a character at a time.   General   Attribute Cap Increase - +2 Intelligence; This boosts the maximum of an ability score, but not the score itself.   Tool Proficiencies - 1 Artisan's Tool of your choice.   Guild Band - Ring - This magic ring not only stands as a mark of your membership in the guild, but it is a power magic item in its own right. Guild Bands are simple platinum bands with a single gem decoration. The gem type and cut is whatever the individual wishes, yet within the gem burns the symbol for the Mages Guild. This ring provides the character wearing it access to a cantrip form the Wizard spell list of their choice. Once it is chose it cannot be changed. The character can cast this cantrip as long as they wear the ring, even if they themselves are not casters. This cantrip uses your Intelligence modifier.   The Prismatic Schools   The following feats are from the prismatic schools, they have a prerequisite listed below and require loyalty to gain access to them. When you take a feat from one of the Prismatic schools, you may not take a feat from another prismatic school, but you can take a feat from another school type. "The Spellcasting Class feature from Wizard" includes both the Eldritch Knight Fighter and Arcane Trickster Rogue Archetypes.   -   Red Mages - The Red Mages are a school of wizards that in the Mages Guild past, focused on combat magic and the application of martial and magical skill into a synergistic harmony. Later in their history a study of further development with the dwarves developed rune magic.   Sigil of the Dane   Prerequisite: The ability to cast an arcane spell. Proficiency with one martial weapon. 1 Loyalty to the Mages Guild.   You are trained in the efficiency of battle magic.
  • You are surrounded by a sigil that protections you from physical harm. You gain a permanent mage armor that is 15 armor base.
  • Whenever you critically hit with a spell, you can reroll any number of extra dice rolled and take the higher result.
  • You gain a bonus to your initiative equal to your intelligence modifier.
  Orange Mages - The Orange Mages are a school of wizards that in the past were a school of magic focused on casting with primal energy and the use of pure instinct over study and preparation.   Primal Pulse   Prerequisite: The spellcasting class feature from wizard. 1 Loyalty to the Mages Guild.   The power of primal magic pulses within your spell casting.
  • Whenever you would cast an evocation spell, all enemies within 5 feet of you must make a Dexterity saving throw against your spell save DC. If they fail they take 1d6 primal damage plus another d6 per level of the spell cast. This happens simultaneously with the spell.
  • Whenever you cast a spell with an area of effect, after you have chosen the area you must add 5-20 feet of extra space. This is determined randomly by a d4 roll. (1 - 5 feet, 2 - 10 feet, ect.)
  • Whenever you would cast a damaging cantrip you can increase its damage by your proficiency modifier. If you do so you automatically take damage equal to your proficiency bonus. This cannot be avoided and happens even if you miss.
  Gold Mages - The Gold Mages are a school of wizards that in the past focused their magic on the augmentation of alchemy and spell casting. They renamed themselves to the gold mages when they learned how to create gold.   Lesser Alchemize   Prerequisite: the spell casting class feature from Wizard 1 Loyalty to the Mages Guild.   You have learned the power of gold as a malleable metal.
  • You can raise your spell save DC by 1 by 'consuming' 100gp as a material component. You can pay this up to 3 times for each spell, and the price doubles for every increase. This effect lasts until the end of your turn.
  • You can use a healing potion as a material component of your spell casting. If you do, you automatically heal yourself for the amount of the potion as part of casting the spell. The spell still completes.
  Green Mages - The Green Mages are a school of magic that focuses on the weaving the spells of the divine and the spells of the arcane. Following in the steps of the Mystic Theurges of the past.   The Twin Pillars   Prerequisite: The ability to cast a divine spell and an arcane spell. 1 Loyalty to the Mages Guild.   The divine might of the pantheons and the knowledge of sages, make powerful bedfellows.
  • Whenever you hard cast a non-ritual, non cantrip, divine spell, your next arcane spell has its DC increased by 2. This effect fades after 1 hour.
  • Whenever you hard cast a non-ritual, non cantrip, arcane spell, your next divine spell has its DC increased by 2. This effect fades after 1 hour.
  • If an enemy should fail a save of or be damaged by both an arcane and a divine spell hard cast by you, that enemy has disadvantage on the next saving throw it makes. Spells that deal damage against that creature deal extra damage equal to both your intelligence and wisdom modifier. (This does not deal the extra damage if you are already adding one of these to the damage roll. But it adds the other.)
  Blue Mages - The Blue Mages are a school of magic dedicated to portal magic, travel and summoning. in mages guild past they dedicated themselves to the great nexus that kept Kalkatesh connect to many wondrous places hidden just out of sight.   Translocation   Prerequisite: The spellcasting class feature from Wizard. 1 Loyalty to the Mages Guild.   To walk between the world is no easy feat. but to you it is as simple as can be.
  • Whenever you would teleport in any fashion, you can increase its distance up to 50%(rounded down)
  • Whenever an enemy would miss you with a melee attack you can freely teleport 5 feet, but must remain within a creature's reach.
  • Whenever you would take the dash action, the distance moved is considered teleportation and you can teleport anywhere within range that you can see and is within distance. This distance is augmented by this feat.
  Indigo Mages - The Indigo Mages are all that remains of a previously destroyed school. In the past they were a school dedicated to the study of the tapestry of fate and learned to weave its power into their spell casting.   Fate-bound   Prerequisite: The spellcasting class feature from Wizard. 1 Loyalty to the Mages Guild.   Bound in fate, you know how to follow its rhythm to focus your spells.
  • On the third round of combat, enemies have disadvantage on saves vs your spells. This effect lasts 1 round.
  • On the sixth round of combat you empower all damage you deal with spells by double for 1 round.
  • On the ninth round of combat you are healed for half of your maximum hit points, only if you are conscious.
  • The above effects only function if you has as many level in wizard as the rounds in the effects (at least level 3 for the first, 6th for the second, 9th for the third.)
  Silver Mages - The Silver mages are a school of wizardry that focuses on the astral power of the starts and the great astral sea. in the past they could cast spells that contained the power of the night sky.   Starcall   Prerequisite: The spellcasting class feature from Wizard. 1 Loyalty to the Mages Guild.   The Astral Sea flows through your magic and alights your spells.
  • You can freely change any damage you deal with spells to Astral Damage.
  • If you hard cast the spell magic missile they take on the appearance of comets and you summon an extra missile.
  • If you can see the stars of the night sky, (such as if its night) then all your spells have their DCs increased by 2 and you critically hit with spells that deal astral damage on a 19-20.
  • Magic is too powerful to be trusted with ignorance, you must strive to educate those who seek it.
  • You must seek to preserve knowledge and teach those who seek it.
  • Seek the Truth. This is a process, not an end.
  VINPC   Cor Cy Ael - The Mages Guild is no longer alone, the leader of the Shar'kai exiles offers his wisdom and support and can be contacted by the Chapter Master by simply approaching him.   Special Actions   The following actions a command staff member of the faction can decide to use.   Sanction Taltaken - A Taltaken can be sent to aid on a mission of any Mages Guild priority or with the priority of an ally to the Mages Guild. This creature will attempt to assist to the best of its ability, however its actions are controlled by the DM, it will not preform any action that may put its protectors in danger, nor will it act to harm the Mages Guild in anyway. If stuck in a logical Fallacy the creature will cease to function, save to protect itself and return to the guild. Should this creature be capture it will destroy itself as a triggered action, upon realization of its situation. DM discretion decides when such a thing will occur. The secrets of the Taltaken must be protected at all costs.   You can only sanction a mission once a month with a Taltaken, but that creature stays until the mission is finished or one of the above parameters are met. In the event a mission takes longer than the cooldown, you can dispatch more Taltaken, but no more than two at a time. You lack sufficient resources.   Ranks   Chaptermaster - Archmage (Leader)   Quartermaster - Council Member   Ambassador - Council Member   Member - Wizard / Mage Guard   Exit   When leaving the Mages Guild you sacrifice all loyalty benefits and you must return your Guild band and any items from the Vault.


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