Velin Artisan

Each day we slave away. Each day we swing our hammers and wind the threads that we cast into spools. The forges are hot, but our love of our craft, that will forever burn hotter.
— Oath of the Velin Artisans



Velin Artisans qualifications are solely the training they receive throughout their apprenticeship. Apprentices follow the work of Craftsmen and Mastersmiths who teach them techniques and methods of improving their work, and once they are deemed ready for trial, they are given an order to complete by themselves without interference. If completed successfully and to levels above the required standards, they become badged by the Artisans Company and qualified to continue doing solo work.

Craftsmen are required to work within the forges or smithies of Mastersmiths until becoming Mastersmiths themselves at twenty years experience with the craft. Often, they are put under trial by the Mastersmiths of the area to ensure they truly deserve the recognition of the status.

Payment & Reimbursement

Payment is divided among all that work on an order following its completion, with 10% of the total going to the Mastersmith who owns the smithy. Apprentices are paid from the earnings of the Craftsman who has taken them in to train them, and are thus often only given the minimum needed to survive.



Within the Volierian Empire, Velin Artisans are some of the highest perceived craftsmen. Their forges and smithies often sit near town squares or in prominent markets allowing onlookers to watch the forging of Velin and the various armors used by the Volierian Army.

Social Status

Velin Artisans are seen as above that of normal workers or other craftsmen within Volierian culture, however, they are still part of the working lower castes in the majority of places. Being apart of the lowest echelons of society puts them in a odd relationship with the Volierian Army and the government of the Volierian Empire, who require their service yet offer little in acknowledgement other than the constant flow of work orders. Many within the lower caste place Velin Artisans above them socially, even though it is not recognized elsewhere.



Aside from the Velin itself, a source of heat to melt it down and reconstitute its form is needed. Standard Darkstone often doesn't heat up to the required temperatures, so either massive quantities or magically infused variations are required. The most common practice is to use stones infused with heat generating magic. This however drains the Leviance from the area, creating small magical deadzones in the surrounding streets.


The smithies that Velin Artisans work in are often filled with the thin, long strand-casts and the massive crucibles used to head and refine Velin into its purified, tempered form. The air is almost always heated from the forges constant burning, with an ambrosial scent of strawberries and citrus often permeating the surrounding area.

Dangers & Hazards

The greatest hazard to Velin Artisans is the heat from the crucibles that they melt the unrefined Velin within. Being heated to temperatures in excess of 1200 degrees, the molten Velin vaporizes most fluids or other substances that come into contact with it. This temperature, often being maintained for weeks at a time, causes rapid dehydration to those in close proximity and often leads to heat stroke if one remains too close for too long without protection.

Alternative Names
Velin Smiths
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