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The Cube

This five centimeter cube is coated in a coat of dull steel-grey. Simple rectangles bevels are carved in to divide each side into two. The use of this item is to contain any person or item indefinitely. Activating the Cube will cause it to enlarge in size until it is as big as required to contain it’s target.   On any side where the seam between the beveled rectangles is perpendicular to the ground, the rectangle frames will split open and slide away from each other. Inside the Cube is a padded area of white, ambient light, neither too bright or too dim. The size is proportional to the external size of the Cube when it was opened.   Once placed inside, the doors seal and trap the occupant. The Cube can shrink back to its normal five centimeter size without affecting the occupant or them realizing the size shift. Moving the cube can be done without the occupant noticing any shift in gravity, either.   An occupant attempting to shift size will cause the cube to shift size proportionally with them. Escape is virtually impossible. With the lack of external reference points, the occupant would not be able to know where or when they are. As far as the occupant is concerned, only a few seconds of time, no more than half a minute, pass by while inside the Cube. Effectively, an occupant is placed in a type of stasis once the doors shut.   The Cube is only capable of containing one object at a time.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Tier 1 Elder Artifact
5 cm3

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Cover image: by Bugbyte


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