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Jarepite (Arcanite)

The raw ore and metal mined is jarepite. The more common name is arcanite despite actually being an alloy of jarepite and meus combined.


Physical Characteristics

Raw jarepite is lumpy, pitted, and a mottled color of greys and browns. Even after the initial refining, the color of the metal preserves a pitted look, no matter how smooth it actually is. First refining alters the coloration to a black/grey scale.


Jarepite has the unique property of being able to amplify aural spells cast through it. It and meus are the two only known materials that can channel and direct auralism spells.

Geology & Geography

The jarepite ore is mined under the mountains of Avaleen, primarily sourced by the dwarfs who have taken residence there. The veins sometimes reach into the upper levels of the mountains, oddly enough.

History & Usage


By smelting under high temperature with finely ground meus crystals, jarepite can be turned into a safer alloy called arcanite. The resulting alloy is gains a mix of white to its normal black/grey scale.   Alloy refinement reduces the effectiveness of jarepite's magic boosting abilities, but removes the hazards, too.

Manufacturing & Products

Jarepite (and arcanite) are valuable tools to practitioners of auralism. Their use in Amps are excellent for strengthening their powers. The products can come in the form of staves and wands (primarially using jarepite/arcanite cores). Although, other products can be made from the metal while still granting the spell boosting effects.   For example, a sword with a blade of steel, laced with jarepite inlays on the blade, effectively creates a 'spell sword', allowing one to master the martial arts of sword fighting and the practice of auralism.   The metal itself is not strong enough to warrant the usage as a standard blade or construction material.


Improper care and handling during use of jarepite metal can result in Spell Poisoning, a dreadful condition with gruesome, potentially fatal, effects. Thankfully, the metal is safe to touch under normal conditions. The only real chance of contracting spell poisoning is when the metal is in use to channel aural magic.


Trade & Market

While jarepite is relatively easy to mine and forge, the only real demand for this substance comes from practicing mages. The number of people taking auralism seriously enough to desire an Amp are low enough that it is not worthwhile to make a career of solely producing these.

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