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Despair RP Information

Primarily, d20 dice will be used in rolls.
Stat sheets can be found at: Despair RP Char Sheet

Stat Categories


Vitality: How many times the player can be hit. Vitality = Total Level; Auto-levels, only
Resistance: Player's ability to resist physical-based status effects. (I.E. Poisons, Bleed)
Determination: Player's ability to resist mental-based status effects, and determine respawn cost.


Strength: Player's strength; how hard they hit and other feats of raw might and endurance.
Agility: Player's ability to make large-scale, bodily movements, avoiding hits, and staying standing after a hit.
Dexterity: Player's ability to handle and hit with items and weapons.


Intelligence: Player's intellect; how well they can research, discover, and how many spells they can learn.
Presence: How influential the player is and their spell power.
Faith: The player's level of belief; helps manifest prayers.

Vitality is based off of your total level. You have two hit points per level.
In the event of death, the player will respawn at the last lantern they interacted with  


1 d20 per level is rolled during a challenge. The highest roll is used from the dice pool. 20 and 1 are automatically critical successes and failures (respectively). If more than one die is rolled and there is a pair, it is treated as a critical (and overrides any other rolls)     At Level 0, when a stat is challenged, the player rolls a '1d20 - 5'
Levels are meant to be sparse not earned often. Maybe reward a level once per area conquered.   Players can have Proficiency in certain fields. This means that when given a challenge relating to this field, they have a '+5' bonus added to the challenged stat.   In the event of a Combined Roll, where more than one stat is challenged, combine the dice pools. Take the result as normal. (Try and keep track of which dice belong to which stat pool. For story purposes, you can mention which aspect pull the player through the challenge.)

Death, Respawn, and Vim

In the event of the player's character being defeated and losing all their Hit Points, there are a few options available. Vim is an important component in this. Vim is representative of your self, your 'humanity'. And the trauma of death damages this Vim. (The word 'humanity' is not used because there are other sentient races besides humans in this world. It would be unfair to call it humanity.)


the character perishes on the spot. One random item per five levels can be looted from their body by the next character to find them.


If the character has used a Lantern, they will respawn at the last Lantern they interacted with. The cost of a respawn is a loss of Vim. Characters start with 100 points of Vim with a cap of 100. Roll Determination and determine how much Vim is subtracted for the revival.
  • Crit Success: -5 Vim
  • Success: -10 Vim
  • Failure: -15 Vim
  • Crit Failure: -20 Vim

Reject Respawn

If a character has used a Lantern and is about to revive, they can reject the respawn. Rejection kills the character. They die with their self intact (to an extent, they are still facing the trauma of death). The option to reject comes after the Determination roll and is available only if they would not otherwise be brought to 0 Vim. (This is to prevent players from gaming the system by rejecting just before perma-death.)
When a character rejects respawning, they will leave behind a small bit of Vim for the next character to find and restore.


At 0 or less Vim, the character perishes. They have lost all motivation and totally lose themselves. The remains of their shell wander as an enemy NPC, now Blighted and cursed by the land.


Vim is used as a counter prevent a single character from continuously reviving. No being should be immortal. Vim has an maximum cap of 100 points. Characters start out with 100/100 Vim. Each death results in a loss of some Vim.
  It is possible to trade Vim for other benefits. If a character happens upon the right type of NPC, they can offer the character a chance to permanently boost a stat with a flat modifier, in exchange for lowering their max cap (and costing the same amount in current Vim).
Adam meets Wizened Clem.
Clem offers to enhance Adam's Intelligence.
Adam has 80/100 Vim. He agrees to the deal.
Clem grants a +3 modifier to Intelligence rolls.
Adam's Vim is reduced to 70/90.
Anything that reduces maximum Vim cannot be restored. It is a permanent scarring on the character's psyche.
The actual amount of Vim in the pool can be restore. However, sources to restore Vim are extremely rare and sparse. The best chance of finding Vim is on a dead adventurer that rejected being revived by a Lantern. Even then, the amount of Vim restored is small, 5 or 10 points (basically, a 1% chance of gaining 15 Vim).

Total Level = Vitality Hit points = Vitality * 2   Resistance is for Physical Status Effects Determination is for Mental Status Effects   Start with 100/100 Vim
Determination roll decides Vim cost for Revival   Stats
Vitality; Resistance; Determination
Strength; Agility; Dexterity
Intelligence; Presence; Faith
Quick dice rollers:
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