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Mystra, the Fate Weaver

Maiden of beauty, dreams and fortune; the Fate Weaver is the patron of seers and prophets. She is a vision of radiant beauty and is guardian over the Weave, the very fabric that makes up all arcane magic. She is the daughter of the Wild Mother and the Great Hunter, possessing her mother's grace and her father's strength. It is the Fate Weaver who continues to gift the first children their mastery over magic, and who grants them the ability to enter reverie.   Mystra's choice to sever the connection to the Weave, circumventing divine law that no single deity can defy the will of the many, may have prevented the very destruction of Verridia. Before her self-sacrifice, Mystra placed a sliver of her life force inside a cocoon hidden deep within the Weave; without the constant drain of magical energies, the flow of arcanum washed over her, replenishing and rejuvenating the fallen goddess. After her return, Mystra placed safe guards within the Weave and enacted laws preventing mortals from once again abusing its power.   Fate Weaver appears as an elven being of impossible grace and beauty, lithe and alluring, possessing two pairs of short, ebony horns which protrude backward from her head. Her eyes are milky white, masked from seeing the world as the other deities do; for she possesses sight beyond sight, able to catch glimpses of what could be. Her hair, pure silver, cascades around her, framing her form in a shimmering aura.

Divine Domains

Arcane, Light, Trickery

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Most modern tapestries and tomes found in places of worship to the Fate Weaver bear the symbol of the winds of fate. It has been the inspiration for many early elven art pieces, and can still be found included in most elven architecture.
Fate Weaver


The Fate Weaver's holy day is New Dawn, and takes place on the first day of the first month, when the old year gives way to the new. New Dawn is celebrated with a grand midnight feast, which typically can last until the coming morning.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Lawful Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Lady of Mysteries, The Weaver, Lady of Magic


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