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Kurnos, the Great Hunter

The Great Hunter is lord of all wild places. All elves venerate him, for he is the husband of the Wild Mother, and the father of their race. The realm of the Great Hunter extends to wherever the seas shift and the land grows. Keeper of the wilderness, he represents the wild creatures of nature, the rush of the angry rapids, and the heat-harried stillness of the desert. Elves take up his worship, as do hunters of the natural lands, accepting his guidance to exist harmoniously within savage lands. Those seeking safe passage across the untamed wilds give prayers to him to guide them. The druids of the Great Hunter and clerics of his wife, the Wild Mother, work together to preserve the balance of nature and civilization. It is said that when this balance is upset, his fury manifests as devastating natural disasters.   Heralding the Divine War, it was Great Hunter who sought to bring his fury and wrath upon the Changer of Ways for his egregious actions against the First Children. The Changer of Ways fled before the aggression of the Great Hunter and has attempted to evade his pursuit since those day. The Great Hunter has ever sought his quarry, and his followers are ever vigilant for signs of the Betrayers return.   The Great Hunter is often depicted as a feral and muscular man of pale green skin, possessing the antlers of the great stag. Behind him flows a cloak of leaves and vines, the color ranging from a lush green near the shoulders to the multitude of autumn tones where it rests upon the ground.

Divine Domains

Nature, Tempest

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Symbols or sigils of the Great Hunter are often seen immortalized through wooden reliefs and carved idols in hidden, overgrown groves and rural shrines, and depict the great stag, his antlers vine-like, and the cycle of nature upon his brow.
Wild Hunter


The Great Hunter's holy day is the Great Hunt, and is celebrated on the date of the spring equinox. The people in the southern wilds celebrate the Great Hunter's strength by going to a place of great natural beauty, like the top of a mountain waterfall, or the center of a desert. The Great Hunt is celebrated in the northern wilds by taking a three day pilgrimage into the deep forests and placing offerings amongst the roots of the elder trees.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Nature's Wrath, Lord of the Great Hunt, the Crowned Stag


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