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Isha, the Wild Mother

Also know as "She of the Fertile Waters," the Wild Mother governs over the spheres of spring, healing, fertility, and the bountiful land. She is wife to Kurnos, protector of the natural order, and mother of the Elven race. At the dawn of time, Asuryond decided that while the Elves would be prodigiously long-lived, they would still grow weary of the world and die. The Wild Mother, who loved her children above all her creations, despaired and cried; her tears falling like rain onto the mortal world below, providing the waters of life that transformed Verridia into a rich and bountiful land.   The Wild Mother is often depicted as an elven woman full of life and incredible beauty, with sun kissed skin, untouched by age, and hair the color of fertile soil that cascades about her. She wears a translucent gown which the land provides, and life itself flourishes wherever her feet touch the earth.

Divine Domains

Life, Nature

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Tapestries found in the halls of worship to the Wild Mother depict a single eye, shedding tears for her mortal children, the Elves.
Great Mother


The Wild Mother's holy day is The Wakening, and takes place on the first day of the third month, when the icy tendrils of winter begin to recede; giving way to spring and rebirth. The Wakening is celebrated with a grand midnight feast that commonly features a ceremony to bless the coming plantings in hopes of a strong harvest.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Neutral Good
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Earthmother, She of the Fertile Waters, Lady of Tears


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