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Ioun, the Veiled Star

The Veiled Star is revered as the goddess of the moonlight and the autumn season, as well as the patron of illusions and misdirection. She is the keeper of guarded knowledge and whispered secrets. By those who seek the protection of the shadows to hide their lovers trysts, she is the deity of love. Those who work in darkness and in trickery often ask for her blessing.   It is Ioun alone who was entrusted with the knowledge of the location of the tools required to craft, and thereby destroy, the foundations of the Divine Gate. That information was purged from the fabric of the universe, but as the keeper of secrets, Ioun retained the information. Walking amidst the hidden passages between the realms that only she knows, Ioun remains safe from those who might wish to possess such secrets.   The Veiled Star appears to the faithful as a young woman of purple hued skin and hair dark as midnight, her eyes opaline and luminescent. Intangible strands of moonlight dance around her, obscuring her form and cloaking her in shadow.

Divine Domains

Trickery, Knowledge

Divine Symbols & Sigils

The Veiled Star's depictions are as numerous as the myths and stories regarding her. Historians have identified many symbols thought to be associated with her, though few are as widely used as the symbol of Verridia's illusive third moon.
Veiled Star


The Veiled Star has no holy day, but is celebrated on the rare instances when Verridia's three moons become full in unison. Scholars and historians who track the sky watch the moons phases and how they wax and wane in relation to each other. It is through these studies that they are able to predict such an event with great accuracy.
Divine Classification
Lesser Deity
Lawful Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Our Lady of Silver, She Who Whispers, The Shrouded


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