Commodos, the Storm Lord

Where thunder cracks, lightning flashes, and conflicts arise, prayers to the Storm Lord are shouted into the maelstrom. The Storm Lord's followers revel in all tests of strength, and his blessing finds those who prove themselves on the battlefield; whether that be in the heat of combat or the battering wind and hail of a hurricane at sea. He is worshiped by sailors and warriors across Verridia, and he exalts those whose force of spirit and will for victory call his attention. He brings tumultuous storms over land and sea, and those who wish for clearer skies offer their praises and prayers in hopes of appeasing his will.   The Storm Lord appears as a manifestation of the very maelstrom he controls. He is a paragon warrior, physically imposing and often bare footed. A full, long beard and rain-soaked, matted hair mark his facial features. The pelt of a monstrous beast hangs as a cloak from his shoulders and he is always in a stance of dominance.

Divine Domains

Tempest, War

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Within his temples and carvings, the Storm Lord's sigil appears as a four pronged bolt of lightning, representing the power to test his followers and destroy those who move against him at will.
Storm Lord


The Storm Lord's holy day is known as the Day of Duels, and takes place on the tenth day of the eighth month. The Day of Duels is celebrated as a day of gladiatorial combat in many major capital cities, where thousands of spectators attend to cheer for their favored deity's champion. Among non-combatants, it is a day to forgive old grudges.
Divine Classification
Intermediate Deity
Chaotic Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Rain Lord, the Vanquisher, The Mighty Wave


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