Asuryond, the Phoenix King

The Phoenix King, also referred to as "Darken's Bane," rules over the dawn and renewal and the sun and summer, his ever watchful gaze encircling the ages as the keeper of time. Lord over the sun and harbinger of the dawn, his followers include those from all walks of life and his priests are welcome throughout the lands. The destroyer of evil, the Phoenix King is often the patron to Paladins and Rangers who follow a similar creed and is revered by those who hunt undead.   A popular saying, "The night is dark and full of terrors," is spoken as a warning, and as a means to remind loved ones of the dangers that the cover of darkness hides. It is the Phoenix King that evil denizens skulking among the shadows fear, his radiance consumes their foul nature and he is their antithesis. It was the Phoenix King who defeated his older sibling, the Shadowed Whisper, during the Divine War; ending the long night and ushering in an age of light and harmony.   Tapestries of old depict the Phoenix King as dusk skinned, male figure in silver and gold armor. A cape of fire trails behind him, clasped to his golden pauldrons by rubies of unmatched beauty. His head is wreathed in a halo flame so bright that his face can barely be seen.

Divine Domains

Life, Light, Grave

Divine Symbols & Sigils

A symbol or sigil of the Phoenix King is depicted by a golden or silver phoenix, its head to the side and wings spanning upwards above its head.


The Phoenix King's holy day is called Radiant Dawn and takes place on Midsummer, the last day of Flamerule. In the Ravosan Empire, the last week of Flamerule to the first day of Flamewane is celebrated with gift-giving and feasting. Festivities begin on the 26th day of Flamerule and end at midnight on Midsummer as the calendar date changes to Flamewane, heralding the height of summer in the nation. In Corwynth, the feast of Midsummer is a grand festival taking place on the day of, in the capital of Stonehaven. During this festival, gift giving is traditional as is the sharing of food and drink with neighbors.
Divine Classification
Greater Deity
Lawful Neutral
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Darken's Bane, Morning Lord


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