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Vein Silk

A thread more beautiful than the eight eyes that created it.

"Dont ask, Dont tell. Thats the general guide when selling Vein Silk, the customer won't ask where it comes from and don't you go blabbering about the guts of spiders and all that horrible lot. Now the colours...well you can see its a sea of chromatic chaos. Beautiful and deadly chaos."
— Vein Silk Weaver

Thread of Nature

You may think the name Vein Silk is an odd descriptor for clothing but veins are quite literally how this silk is made. Woven from the entrails of defeated Talon Spiders found deep under the Sky Talon mountains; the carapace of the beast serves no real value, the true prize lies within. The organs and circulatory system of this particular spider defy known science and natural order. The blood shifts and fleets in a dance of colours and when woven into a thread makes the wearer clothing mimic a similar shift. This thread makes it harder to distinguish from the background colours rendering the wearer almost invisible. It is also incredibly sturdy, able to take as much of a pounding as some metals and still bends like wood when required to do so.

Entagled in Excitement

Some say long ago a druid upset a witch by saying they could make the best and most beautiful thread the land had ever seen. In response, the witch sat the young druid down and challenged him to a match of weaving using nothing but a loom and thread. The druid started first hot with rage and determination spun his loom fast. Out came pictures of farmland and family. The witch was bemused but unfazed and the cackled with delight. The witch concentrated, spending a breath and with a wave of her hand, the loom magically moved. Weaving the most beautiful tapestry Verra'Talu had ever seen. It featured Flumphs, The Shimmer, Tenebris, and even Luna the shattered moon. This enraged the druid who could not be beaten by an ugly hag. He set again to his loom, weaving faster and faster still until he was weaving so fast as soon as one bit of material touched the ground another would be nearing completion. It was in his haste he failed to notice his garments had become entangled in his own loom pulling himself into his own weave. When he begged the witch for help the witch smiled and transformed the druid into a spider, its body, veins and clothing merging with the loom. Its teeth becoming razor sharp Talons and the druid's beads of sweat upon his brow turned to eyes. Thus the Talon Spider was born.

Collected for Status

Vein Silk is adorned mostly by the wealthy and elite of the races of Verra'Talu. Any commoner or member of the unchosen races seen wearing the silk is treated like a thief and criminal in many nations. The silk represents a social symbol an icon of class and sophistication and not just an article of clothing. It is this wealthy only approach that makes it especially gorgeous and exotic to the wearers. Giving anyone who wears it a sheen to their image. The texture is not like silk at all, rough to the touch and covered in tiny teeth that threaten to rip open the skin. This causes most wearers of Vein Silk to wear an additional layer of more common clothing underneath. Vein Silk is a pricey commodity that has taken the upper classes and most of the sky cities by storm.

4gp per m2
Shimmers and fleets between crimson, lilac, oca.
Vein Silk as it is stretched out into a web, notice the gradual variation in colour.

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