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The Shimmer

A blanket to keep us warm, shield to keep us safe.

"Look in the sky and what do you see? Only the shimmer protecting this tree!
Children come and adults go, whats after death none of us know.
Look in the sky and what do you see? Only the shimmer with its golden blue sea.
Do not worry do not cry, we will know what's behind it when we die.
Look in the sky and what do you see? Its the darkness coming for you and me!
— A common nursery rhyme sang by small children

Lights in the sky

The Shimmer can be seen from any and all locations of Verra'Talu as long as the sky is overhead. The suns reflect light off an unseen surface causing the Shimmer to dance gracefully above the clouds. This dance is sometimes golden blue, other times reds and yellows join the waltz. In the night the shimmer can be seen reflecting the light of the shattered moon into a silvery thread that loops around the darkness, a lament from aeons ago. The Shimmer provides light and warmth but also serves a very valuable purpose in Verra'Talu it's rainbow barrage shields the world from Planar Magic and protects the planet from monster invasions.

Magical Construction

The shimmer was constructed many eons ago by The Faultless ones of Verra'Talu in isolated wizards towers. Their large structures clawed the sky, piercing holes in otherwise perfect clouds. A powerful arcane crystal was stashed at the center of each tower. The heart of the towers pulsed with magical light and showered the sky in a golden blue hue. This aura flexed and moved with the winds and protected Verra'Talu. Such things were not meant to last. As the Faultless grew old and their knowledge of the towers passed down through oral history the location of the towers became distorted and lost. The forests became swamps and coasts became oceans. What was once as sure as the shimmer became wavering. Now all that remains are rumors and nods in a general direction, the towers that once powered the Shimmer forgotten.

The Problem of Perception

The Faultless believed that in the absence of the gods it fell to each man to protect his home. Just like Solaine had taken them from Luna and protected them from the ravages of nature they too must protect each other. This is the held belief of The Faultless. Soon after coming to this world the group decided to erect a magical shield around the planet, effectively cutting them off from all the other multi-verses. However, the shield was imperfect and in recent history, holes started to form. It was these holes that helped some people escape Verra'Talu and explore the cosmos beyond. For these select individuals, known as the Wayfinders, having been beyond the Shimmer and returned they see the Shimmer as a prison. Society sees the Wayfinders as heretics and uncouth of the social order of things.

The Shimmer.jpg
The Shimmer as it appears in the night sky

Common Phrases associated with The Shimmer
"As sure as the Shimmer" - A common phrase meaning someone is sure beyond doubt
"The dance of the lights at night" - a very cliché way to court someone. Would usually be followed up with a compliment about beauty.
"God sneezes" - A moment that refers to when the Shimmer gets exceptionally bright or colourful.

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