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The Chosen Races

Solaine, we speak, do you answer?

Reader, play first, the Ode of the Chosen  

The Chosen Races

I shut my eyes, I am blind to your reason.
Why must we go to this exalted prison?
Do you weep on our grave or are we forgotten?
In death are we free, our future unwritten?
Solaine, your begotten children, are we forgiven?
With all of my kind, hear our voices together
This new place your home, protected forever
You are our stalwart shield, the darkness engulfing Luna
This place by chance we found, with hope and fortuna
Now you must prosper, fight, I am here, be driven
Behold! We are delivered by your light to our place
Attest to your brilliance, your faithful chosen race
Look on! To your creatures how they struggle and toil
Bystander! Our home is not this hallowed soil
The gods take us home, how can we be forgiven?
To all of our Faultless first, who desire hearth and home
To all Elves, Dragon, Gensai and Gnomes,
Our redemption beyond us, the darkness consuming
We leave this world to you Aracockra, Firbolgs and Humans.
Together as one, a light of hope, a story to unfold, be driven.
We/You are the chosen, the light in the dark.
To shield you, protect you we must be a greater mark.
Alone but together we must be a bastion
The fate of one another spurs us into action
The fate of one another spurs us into action
The fate
Of one another spurs us into
— The ode of the Chosen, passed down from Solaine at the time of the Calamtiy


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