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The Calamity

You must see it with your eyes, There can be no substitute

We all felt it that day, the great earthquake that signalled the ending of the era of the Seven Plagues. We were all there when Solaine answered our prayer. The problem was she didn't answer them in the way we hoped. In the chaos, some people like myself turned to art, our own answer to the maelstrom of life. Bringing a stoke of pause, a moment of contemplation to this cruel world!
— The Loremaster Solara Merryfleck, talking about her work "The Calamity"
The Calamity.jpg
"The Calamity" Painted by Loremaster Solara in response to her experience of the summoning of Negus Prime, Painted 926 Years After the Pulse.

First Hand Account

It was a day like any other for Loremaster Solara. A day with no noteworthy happenings and thankfully no corpses to dispose or dissect. Today was all about her. As a treat from the hard work, she opted for a stroll far from her home and registered town, She travelled north into the lands of Paha. When reaching the northernmost point, on one of the hottest days of the year, Solara set up her handstitched blanket by the foot of the mountains. The ground was unusually warm and she felt the breeze catch her auburn hair. The wind carried the faint smell of lavender and Solara condemned herself to relaxation as she leaned back on her blanket and watched The Shimmer. In the distance, she heard children playing, merry songs and parents chatting about affairs of court. Then silence.   At first, no-one moved, their thoughts unable to make sense of the input from their ears and feet. The ground was moving and the noise; extended thunder made worse because the vibrations were coming from below. Then like a switch had been flicked everyone moved for safety, all of them on that desperate mode that all-consuming fear creates. The air screamed and The Shimmer above flickered rapidly showing down unfathomable amounts of the earth as some creature, some horrible creature rockets upward. It was here, as the world braced for impact, The Shimmer floated gracefully down onto the ground covering all the citizens on Verra'Talu in a protective golden light. Children screamed as the sky fell and parents all around Solara had that look in their eye. The look that said "whether we live or die depends on if the Shimmer holds or disappears, and either way our fate is a joint one. We'll either walk away hand in hand or perish in the downfall."

Turned to Painting

by Solara The Loremaster
Like most Loremasters, it was Solaras job to create and record everything that happened around her. She tried for weeks to put what she had seen into words. Writing in her Great Bestiary all the while candle after candle burned the night away. Some say Solara didn't sleep for 5 days and worked herself through 5 different tomes before she had even finished the first recollection of the event. After finishing the fifth book she looked back on her work and cried. She took the yellow ember burning candle and light one of her books on fire. As the flames licked up the spine of the book like a dog thirsty for water Solara knew she could not write this down. this had to be seen.   She turned then to the painting. Finding a canvas large enough to hold all her work in she set about painting her first-hand recollection of the event which Verra'Talus citizens now know as "The Calamity." It was the day the being from beneath the soil sprung forth and shattered the sky. It was this shattering that created the monolith of iron and stone that now resides in the place of the Calamity. To Solara, it had always looked like a prison holding whatever was deep within the core of Verra'Talu tight and locked in place. Now the creature that resides within was free to roam the cosmos and seek out the goddesses and gods to exact Tenebris revenge. Solara painted as painstakingly as she could and now because of her work The Calamity painting is one of the many wonders of Verra Talu.


Cultural Significance to all of Verra'Talu. This painting depicts a moment in history that was only observed by a handful of people, a moment that would change Verra'Talu and signal the ending of the corrupted lands and the Seven Plagues. This painting would also serve as a warning that this world, while beautiful will always be inherently dangerous.

Item type
Unique Artifact
Owning Organization
Calingwood Family
One of a kind
Base Value (8,000)gp.   Age
346 Years Old   Condition
A few marks that give away its age but mostly intact, preserved by magic.

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