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Law Book of Estua and Midfield

The laws of the land as they bear true.

A shared society

Though two completely different nations, Estua and Midfield share many laws and customs due to their extremely close relationship. These laws permeate around the land and are codified in the book known as the "Lawbook of Estua and Midfield"  
Code 1 - No harm to other creatures
Law of the land, informing others that no harm should come to a lawful citizen. Let all who know this to be true, with a weapon or spell, you must not kill or else punishment of death finds only you. though open wounds the blood you must not spill
Code 2 - The Unchosen Races
Law pertaining to the treatment of the Unchosen Races By Solaines light, you were not seen but that decision must not come between Though the power to vote you have none still you must toil on and on!
Code 3 - Bone Bindweed
Law pertaining to the cultivation and growth of Bindweed Hold onto the laws of these lands that bear true, and should you falter, non be punished but you! There is but one weed that must never bear fruit, known as Bone Bitterweed, grow this then all defense is moot

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