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Larger Flumphs

"Flumph, Flumph Fluuummmph Flum Flumph"

Yea, don't they float gracefully, never quite making contact with the ground but threatening to beach themselves at the first scent of danger. Those long tentacle arms will wrap around you, it's going to feel wired but don't worry it's making sure you don't launch off the thing. Whatever you do don't pull on the eye stalks... As for its speed. Well, you're going to have to experience that yourself!
— Marius of the Cloister Conveyancer when meeting first-time customers
  Flumphs are psychically active creatures that inhabit the lands of Verra'Talu. Flumphs are thought to be seeking asylum from some strange and other world. While on Verra'Talu the Flumphs have been selectively captured and bred to form a mount for the lands. Its Anatomy can be broken up as follows:  

Anatomy & Morphology

Eyes and Senses

The eyestalks of a Flumph are long and narrow usually growing to a foot. Shaped more like the edge of a blade rather than a tube. This shape allows the Flumph to cut through the air and be slightly more aerodynamic. The Flumph perceives everything a second behind other creatures thus leading to some unfortunate accidents and mishaps that can land the Flumph on the ground.

Skin and Tone

The skin and tone of a Flumph dances in a complex series of colours signifying the Flumphs emotion. Though the creature has no fur it is still soft and silky to the touch. This is due to the constant anti-gravity field that it projects around it. Anyone touching the body of a Flumph will see a shimmer of light coming from within the creature itself.


Legs and Tenticles

The flumph does not have legs in the regular sense of the word. Protruding from its underside of the body is a series of long noodly tentacles each of which floats above the ground of Verra'Talu. The tentacles are spongy and are said to be used in the flumphs form of propulsion in some fashion.

Mouth and Language

The flumphs language is one of colours and sounds. The main form of communication comes from the flumps body that will show a particular colour depending on the flumps mood at this present time. It is said the flumphs language is completely reactionary as they are able to answer questions with their colours but not actually form any words or anything to ask their own questions. However, some people have reported flumphs invading their riders dreams to show them things as they sleep.


Though their origins mostly remain unexplained some believe the Flumphs came to this planet from another dimension. Their long blue and silver tendril legs and innate anti-gravity powers give rise to the belief they are alien creatures and the very soil of Verra'Talu is poisonous to them making them keep off the ground at all costs. However, it is this very power that has proved invaluable to the inhabitants of the world. While in the air there is less friction. Without friction, these creatures with the right motivation can achieve some alarming speeds.

Selectively Bred

Flumph 2.jpg

Although traditionally no smaller than a household pet or stone gnome certain flumphs through the ages have been selectively bred for mounts. The first change was to the eye stalks. the breeders on the golden coast extended the eye stalks to be an inch or two taller. The theory was to give the flumph a few extra seconds to react when moving at speed. Then the size slowly started increasing, to the size of a cat first, then a tavern table and finally reaching the pinnacle. The size of a man. It was at this size the breeders noticed an unusual trait. The Flumph could 'jolt' for want of a better word forward at an insane speed for a few brief seconds but doing so would seriously exhaust the creature.

Racing Flumphs

It's through this selective breeding and the long lifespan of a Flumph that the denizens of Verra'Talu have given rise to an odd sport to pass the time: Flumph Racing. Known by its more official title, The Fantasticly Fierce Race of the Flumphs. It is this competition that really set the bar for breeders. Every year new and ambitious racers take to the outlands of the city of Salova to find the hardiest and quickest Flumph. The races are not merely a test of speed however as each year the competition organizers create grander and grander challenges the Flumphs must overcome. The winner or survivor of these races attracts hardy and healthy prizes that could see a merchant or adventurer retire early.


Announcer Alexandria:
This year folks, ladies and gentle denizens of Salova, this is a year not to be missed. The flumphs are eagerly taking their starting positions and we can see now the crowd favourite and reinging champion Parel Pegasus tending to his Flumph, Icarus. There's Pandalin, as usual, struggling to reach the saddle...well he is a gnome after all. Ahhh he's helped up by Marko, a strange move but maybe their rivalry has quieted down this year... Nope, Markos kicked Pandalins Flump startling it. Now the race is on, here we go, ladies and gentleman, into the first corner!!"  
-Alexandria, Announcer to the yearly races using Thaumaturgy


Capturing a Flumph

Although selectively bred for most of their life a recent FEPA (Flumphs Ethical Protection Association) have persuaded some racers and owners to release the creatures into the wild, giving the Flumphs a chance to return to their true home. For those who are looking for a retired or workable flumph whos days of racing are long past can often find some rare sightings of Flumphs in the wild.   Adventurers around Verra'Talu will often leave a small animal tied to a post outside for the night in hopes of capturing one of these timid creatures. In the twilight, away from the prying eyes of onlookers, the retired Flumphs will be hungry and creep up to the bait. Rather than killing the animal however, the Flumph is said to make prolonged eye contact with the creature. During this contact, the Flumph feeds on the thoughts of the creature absorbing its memories and emotions. This process leaves the creature temporarily stunned and staring off into the distance. the adventurer waiting in a nearby bush or shrub the will jump on top of the beast as the Flumph feeds. Wrestling the mounts eye stalks left and right until the creature is well and truly under control


Ingame Mechanics / Block

Ingame mechanics and block for Larger Flumphs:
Ingame Mechanics

Larger Flumph

Medium aberration, lawful good
Armor Class 12
Hit Points 45
Speed 5ft Hover: 50ft

16 +3
16 +3
10 0
6 -2
9 -1
13 +1

Skills Arcana +4, Survival +4
Damage Vulnerabilities Psychic
Senses Darkvision 60ft., Passive Perception 12
Languages Understands Undercommon but cant speak.
Challenge 1/4

Prone Deficiency. If the flumph is knocked prone, roll 1d6. On an result of 1 or 2, the flumph lands upside-down and is incapacitated. At the end of each of its turns, the flumph can make a DC10 Dexterity Saving Throw, righting itself and ending the incapacitated condition if it succeeds.   Telepathic Shroud. The flumph is immune to any effect that would sense its emotions or read its thoughts, as well as all divination spells.


Tendrils. Melee Weapon Attack: +5 to hit, reach 5ft., One target. Hit: 7 (1d8+3) piercing damage plus 4 (1d6+1) Acid Damage. At the end of each of its turns, the target must make a DC10 Constitution Saving Throw, taking 4 (1d6+1) acid damage on a failure or ending the recurring acid damage on a success.   Dash. As a Bonus Action, the Flumph may dash. If you use the dash action in this manner the creature takes 1d10 damage at the end of the movement.


Not the eye stalks. If the eye stalks are ever pulled violently the Flumph may make one free Tendril attack as a reaction against the creature that pulled the eye stalks. This attack if hit counts as a Critical Hit for the purpose of damage. The creature may only use this reaction once per turn.


The mysterious flumphs drift across Verra'Talu propelled through the air by jets whos sound gives them their name. A flumph glows faintly, reflecting its mood in its colour. Soft pink means it is amused, deep blue is sadness, green expresses jealousy, and crimson is anger.

Thumph - White Background.png
Thumph - White Background.png
  Flumphs larger cousins are often used as racing steeds throughout Verra'Talu. The best grown ones can often reach speeds well in excess of 7mph
Pace1 Minute1 HrDayEffect
Fast650 ft7.5mph60 Mile- 5 Perception
Normal500 ft5.5mph45.5 Miles-
Slow350 ft4mph30 Miles+5 Perception
2sp per mile of travel
Uncommon in towns/Cities
Rare in the wild.

Ingame Mechanics

Dash: As a Bonus Action, the Flumph may dash. If you use the dash action in this manner the creature takes 1d10 damage at the end of its movement.

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10 Jul, 2019 03:17

Great art, great concept, great setup, but only half a story! What happens after you track down a flumph and jump on top? Does it bolt? Does it stab? Does it wince and start to negotiate? I'm also worried about the flumph taking damage from dashing - it looks like two dashes and it would die. That's not a great trait for a racing steed. I might be missing how the races work, that could help me understand. Thanks for posting this, looking forward to any updates that come later!

10 Jul, 2019 07:20

I think I speak for a large section of the D&D community when I say that flumphs are secretly everyone's favorite D&D creature (it's definitely mine, barely above hobgoblins). That last paragraph really caught my attention at the sudden mood change. Flumph racing, flumph racing, DiScOuNt MiNd FlAyErS! Gave me quite a good laugh.   Of course, I've got a question regarding flumph racing. It sounds like it's quite famous, but where is it often held? Also, is there a reigning champion each year who defends his/her title? Also, has this sparked up any kind of behind-the-scenes illegal behavior? Like bribing, gambling, or sabotage? I understand this is an article focused on flumphs and not the imperfection of humanity, but it'd be quite good contextual info to add.   Like the article! Have a great summer camp!

10 Jul, 2019 08:00

I absolutely adore Flumphs :P So thought why not add them to my world as a mount. Will add your recommendations, there are some illegal practices of Flump racing thanks for the support!

10 Jul, 2019 08:22

The first quote is a bit of a big chunk of text - I would consider breaking it up into a couple or paragraphs and maybe trim it a bit. :)   I would suggest that you open the article with a short overview paragraph after the quote - something that gives us an idea of what we are going to read about. Not everyone knows what a Flumph is - criminal, I know!   Maybe I'm misremembering, but aren't Flumphs sentient? Like, people? They have a int of 14 which is certainly pretty high and makes the whole business about breeding them a little akward. :D   I really like the Flumph racing part. That is just one of those things that really binds a creature into the setting - all the weird and insane things people would come up with. Kudos for that. :D   A lot of these paragraphs get pretty dense. I would consider splitting them up a bit for readability, maybe add a few quotes for flavor?   While "Not The Eyestalks" is amusing, I can't think of any ability in 5th ed quite like it - it makes me wonder what kind of players you have if they made you come up with a specific, critical-hit rule for that. :P   Nicely done and keep on summer camping! :D

10 Jul, 2019 09:04

This is really good feedback thank you! Will definately break up that large paragraph and put some of it into an introduction. Will also reformat a few things for readability.   I have dumded down the INT Score for the Larger Flumphs as you were right 14 INT creatures may make things a little awkward, maybe the breeding process taxed their minds?   Thanks for the praise on Flumph Racing, i just have visions of Gnomes holding onto the eyes as they charge across the land!

10 Jul, 2019 14:34

That was a really fun and weird use of flumphs.   The one thing that I did not quite understand was the "Capturing a Fumph" section: They have been selectively breed. If so, how come there are feral large flumphs (I'm assuming they are not talking about the smaller flumphs) outside in the wild? Aside from that, there was an unfinished piece of information in the sidebar: It says "Speed 50ft per". 50 feet per what?   I really liked that you added a stat block for the creatures, I may try and do the same for my mounts ;)   Final question: what colour do flumphs glow on while racing?

10 Jul, 2019 22:15

Hey, thanks for the comment. I think my thinking was while the majority of them are selectively bred some of them still roam the wild, old retired racing steeds for example, basically needed a chance to get the players to encounter them in the wild as well as just around town.   Well spotted the missing info!