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Lampus Bread

Magic filling bread, what more is there to say?

Its scrummy and noT scracthy, the bread that gRows from the hot boxes of hoomans. We need and wantings it for oouselves, get the Fluffy food, the warm wilmamajig, the the soft slice! Get the luuumpus bread they call it!"
— Note found on a goblin near a bakery

Wizardly Wheat

Lamps bread is said to be baked by high level wizards who after slaying many monsters preferred the retirement and easy life of baking. This is only half the truth. It is said each loaf of Lampus bread is infused with wizardly magic and the golden wheat itself has slight arcane principles. The wheat known as Lammery Wheat has the ability to absorb nutrition from abjuration magic doing so ensures the crops survive winter and even give off a slight blue glow in the dead of night. This is the only known plant to do this in Verra'Talu.  

Source of Sustinance

Lampus Bread is very filling, some say it's the magic the baking wizard has thrown over it, others claim it's nothing more than a simple Goodberry spells crushed up. Certainly anyone who has ever eaten Lampus bread has felt full and fulfilled for the rest of the day. This effect only happens when the bread is hot, the hotter and fresher the bread the more it seems to sustain the eater. It's properties seem to diminish as it gets cooler. Cold Lampus is only really eaten by the extremely poor and undesirable of the citizens of Verra'Talu. Lampus bread is served in most restaurants and some upper taverns the freshest loaves often bringing the highest price.  

Addicting Diet

Whether through the sheer taste or the fulfilling nature one thing about Lampus bread is certain. People who try it want to eat nothing else. Addictive by its very nature, Lampus Bread has been the drive of glutteny and a have nots. It is not unusual to see the most destitute and most poor sell all they have for this food, but what choice do you have when you need to eat?

Lampus Bread.jpg
In places of trade and Midfield.   Price:
(Fresh) 4cp
(Warm) 3cp
(Cold) 2cp
(Stale) 1cp

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