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Kingdom of Estua

One struggle, Against fate.

The Faultless King

The Faultless met at the southernmost point of the kingdom of Estua. Upon their arrival they discussed the future and security of their new home. What sort of society they wished to build. Seven peoples ideas are not easily in harmony. The faultless rose up in a chorus of voices, creating a cacophony of ideas and chords of visions. The Faultless firbolgs sang a call to nature, wanting to sacrifice all metal and constructed buildings. Dragons damnded study and long hours over books, learning the heavens. Elves saught salvation in pray to the gods. Gnomes wanted to work with the Gensai on creating large towers of magic energy. The Faultless Aaracockra demanded their freedom to sail the sky. This carried on for seven days and after a week the Faultless thought enough. To stem the flow of ideas the faultless would elect a king amongst themselves each 7 years that would reign over the kingdom of Estua.

A Tapestry of Culture

The kingdom of Estua is a thriving place for all of Verra'Talu. Though governed by the king the waxing and waning nature of the monarch presents Estua with a wide verity of cultures. During the last king, the Faultless King Firbolg the land returned more to its roots, workers around the kingdom tilled and worked the lands and soil. This made the land rich and grow richer with good guidance. This rich tapestry can also be found in the denizens of the Kingdom as people from many of the The Chosen Races and Unchosen alike can be seen in the settlements.

Riches of the Rise

Estua has on many occasions shared its riches and wealth with other nations. There is one city however who has a delicate trade deal with. Rise the sky city that floats above the lands of Estua is intrinsically linked with the everyday goings one of the citizens of both places. Estua provides Rise with all the necessary food, cloth and protection and in return rise provided Estua with valuable crystals and Thunderstones that help fuel the magical growth of crops, airships and other technologies. Without Rise, Estua would not be the success it has found itself and likewise. This means of all the sky cities no relationship is more valuble.


Estua Heirachy.jpg

Demography and Population

Current Recorded Populations: 1200

Certamen contra unum fatum.

Geopolitical, Country

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