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Injury Table

Lingering Effects

In the core rulebook damage normally leaves no lingering effects. This option introduces the potential for lingering short-term and long term injuries. A creature who falls to 0 HP must make a Constitution Saving Throw. The DC equals 15 or half the damage you take, whichever number is higher. If you take damage from multiple sources, such as an arrow and a dragon’s breath, you make a separate saving throw for each source of damage. If you take damage at 0 HP you make the Saving Throw with Disadvantage.   If you fail this save you must roll a d20 and consult the table below your character will sustain a lingering injury.
d20 Result Injury Effect Duration
1 Grevious Injury
You suffer and feel excuciating pains that ripples through your entire body. You reroll your Injury Check twice, both with disadvantage. You take 2 injuries instead of the usual 1.
Immediately reroll with disadvantage
2 Lose an Eye.
You reduce your Perception by 2. You have disadvatange on Wisdom (Perception) Checks that rely on sight and on Ranged attack rolls. You reduce your Passive Perception by 5 when relying on sight.
Until Healed
3 Lose an Arm or Hand
You can no longer hold anything with two hands, and you can hold only a single object at a time. You have disadvantage on all Melee Attack rolls unless the weapon you are using has the light property. You reduce your to hit bonus by 2.
Until Healed
4-5 Long Sight
You watch as the blade or spell buries itself deep into your skin and you cannot help but feel detached from the world around you. At the start of your turn, or after using a readied action make a DC10 Wisdom Saving Throw if you fail you are stunned until the start of your next turn. Your mind recovers 1d12 hours after the battle.
1d12 Hours
6 Sprained Ankle
You land funny on your ankle and twist it out of place. for 1d12 Hours you reduce your speed on foot by 10 and if you take the dash action you must make a DC10 Dexterity Saving Throw or fall prone.
1d12 Hours
7-8 Internal Injury
When you take your first Action, Bonus Action or Movement during your turn you must make a DC15 Constitution Saving Throw. On a failed save you lose your action and cannot take reactions until the start of your next turn.
Until Healing
9-10 Broken Ribs
You hear a crack come from deep within you and air involuntarily escapes from your lungs. You can not hold your breath for longer than 1 minute regardless of your CON Modifier. Also when casting spells if the spell requires a Verbal component roll 1d20, on a 10 or lower the spell fails but you still consume the spell slot.
Until Healed
11 Concussion
Your head rocks and your ears ring. You see incoporial stars and butterflies dance infront of you. For 1d6 hours your speech is slurred, you have disadvantage on all checks that rely on sight and sound, and concentration checks are done at disadvatange.
1d6 Hours
12-13 Horrible Scar
You are disfigured by a scar to such an extent that the wound can not be easily hidden. You reduce your Charisma by 1 and you have disadvantage on Charisma (Persuasion) checks and Advantage on Charisma (Intimidation) checks. Magical Healing removes the scar.
Until Healed
14 Festering Wound
Your Hit Point Maximum is reduced by 1d8 every 24 hours the wound persists. If your hit point maximum drops to 0, you die. The wound heals if you receive magical healing. Alternatively, someone can tend to the wound and make a DC 15 Wisdom (Medicene) check once every 24 hours. After ten successes, the wound heals.
Until Healed
15-19 Scars, Scratches and Bumps No Lasting Effects
20 So What?
You may expend 1 Hit Die and heal the result (ignoring your CON modifier). When you do this you may immediately make 1 Action, Bonus Action or Movement.

Healing a Lingering Injury

Unlike most battle injuries that are represented by cuts and light scratches, lingering injuries pose a real threat to falling unconscious. Once a character has sustained an injury they will need time and resources to recover. The quickest and most expensive way to do this is via magical healing. Certain Clerics, Druids or other pious Spellcasters who pray to the Goddess of Mercy have been gifted the ability to sew and mend all manners of wounds. This is something they have passed onto the people of Verra'Talu for a price. To magically recover from an injury the party must find someone who can cast:
  "Mend the Body" spell.   If you do not wish to or cannot take on Magical Healing the other option is to let nature take its course. Some injuries heal over time and slowly get better. This will be done during downtime and adds a new downtime activity: "Rest and Recuperation"  


This rule has been sourced from page 272 of the Dungeons Masters Guide. Extra Injuries have been added or reflavored as Homebrew.

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