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Calingwood Family

Healing, Preservation, Prestige

"Never go to a Calingwood with a cough, before long they will tell you that you're going to die in a few hours. They will tell you there's only one cure and it's from the blood of a hydra or some nonsense and then they hit you with the news... They are the only ones in town with such a tonic and the price. Well, you could buy a kingdom with what they are charging you. The sayings right..Cold as a Calingwood indeed."
— Ex-patient of the Calingwoods

A True Lineage

The descendants of the Calingwood Family can be traced back to the Faultless ones. Their first descendent Harvey Calingwood was a chosen of Solaine who came to Verra’Talu as Bhaals first human. As the generations moved forward and time progressed ever on the ranks of the Calingwood family became a prestigious line. A line worth of note and remembrance. The Calingwoods sometimes let the power and pomp of their position get to them. Often shunning those who weren’t of equal standing or higher. Denying people treatment or turning them away. This gave rise to the term “As cold as a Calingwood”

Medicine without Equal

Harvey arrived at a sick and ailing planet and used his extensive knowledge of the human body and medicine to help heal the sick. It was through the works of Harvey the plagues were weathered and people survived. After the plagues, the Calingwood household became one of esteemed science and exploration into the natural order. Some say it was even Harvey Calingwood himself who crafted the Cure Wounds spell and similar magics. Harvey Calingwood and his children would often set up clinics and tents around Verra’Talu to heal those who had enough gold coin. With these clinics the Calingwood name spread far and wide and today can be associated with healing and medicine. The simple potions bearing their name or some doctors carrying their crest.

Unclean Blood

During the last of the seven plagues, Harvey allowed for the first adoption into the family. A firbolg who's name has been scratched from the family records. His flesh-born children despised him for this creatures adoption. They could not understand why Harvey would dilute the bloodline. Harvey knew that if he wanted the best possible chance to prolong his bloodline this was the only way. His decision came partly from fear as he had lost a great many children to the seven plagues.

Ever the same, Ever the different.

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