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The gods plucked the best of us from your world. Powerful, wise and strong leaders, the Faultless ones. The gods rose us into the sky and here we started our new home. Behind the shimmer of lights that paint the night sky. We found peace but at a cost... We were separated from our true families and home. Separated by a sea of stars and the ever-encroaching night... Our task was simple... Protect Luna at all costs, we have failed. Our failure lied in complacency, greed and treachery... and in the end, the gods abandoned us... They sent their monsters to drive us from our homes. They sent their suns to scorch our land.... and shattered the moon; our lost and distant home
— Found on a stone by the Golden Coast
  Verra'Talu is a planet with a single shattered moon known formerly as Luna. Verra'Talus inhabitants are a mixed breed of humanoids and best walkers who have agreed to cohabitate on this one planet. There is a legend that some of the inhabitants of Verra'Talu descended from Luna and they see the shattered moon as a holy place, a projection of the Goddess Solaines immense power.   For centuries the people of Verra'Talu have farmed and tilled the soil so it now resembles a farm, bountiful harvest and nurtured lands. There are places however even the strongest would not venture. These places are dark and foreboding, created by the god of death. The land it pox-marked with deep scars in these places...scars of ancient battles.


  • Map of World Map

    A map giving the known places and positions of the known world. Including the 3 known sky cities. This map is guaranteed by the Cartographers Guild of Estua and Midfield collectively and bears the following warning.  

    Let all who know, This map bears true The resemblance and likeness of Verra'Talu On the hands of the cartographer, our seal do place and if found false may the wrath of the law they face
    — Cartographers Guarantee placed on all official maps