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The Faultless City

Portam is home to the Kings and Queens of Estua, known as the Faultless. To outsiders the city it is known as "The Faultless City." This homage couldn't be further from the truth. Slow dissolving divisions of race and economy have forced the citizens into close contact with those they wouldn't have mingled with a mere two centuries ago. While the violence in general has settled down under the surface it still bubbles and some wish to stoke the fires. This idea of The Star Saved Children and the Native People living atop one another's own space has lead to a few bruises and brushes with the law between the citizens of the city and those who cling to the old ways.   The city guard keep watch over those who would decide to do harm to anyone and under their watchful eye travellers enjoy the safety of the city. The city gaurd are also responsible for mainting the security of the Free Thinkers Guild and the peoples assembly. A place where most of the laws and recomendations are made to the Kings and Queens of the Realm.  

The Star Watching Observatory

A city so placed in the world has given rise to trade with the sky cities. One benefit of these trade agreements is the borrowing of a single large Spyglass. Something the city people have put to use by creating the Star Watchers Observatory. One of only two observatories in the known world. This spyglass keeps constant watch upon The Shimmer and the stars beyond. Day and night the Star Watchers wait for a signal that the Gods and Goddesses have defeated Tenebris and are returning to Verra'Talu. A person known as the Star Seer is tasked with reporting this to the Faultless King when this does happen, always the denizens are hopeful.  

A Clash of Tankards

The Clash of Tankards Tavern is owned by a small female firbolg known as Rosey Sylynor. The Tavern is famous for being the place where an adventuring party set out from Estua and explored and charted the lands of Midfield and Paha before the Calamity. The adventuring party helped establish relations with these other nations, however through distance or war these relationships are now distant memories and all that remains is the legendary tavern to remind the people of the connected realm they once were. When diplomacy calls for a slightly subtler nudge than the grand chambers and high class you can be sure the Clash of Tankards is willing to host diplomats from any nation in a much more casual gathering.


The population of Portam is mostly made up of equal shares of the Native Poeple of Verra'Talu and the Star Saved Children. it is one of the few places in the land where you can share a drink with pretty much any race. However humans do still dominate the land. Recently Firbolgs have been seen heading into the city forsaking their life of solitude and tribalism for the hustle and bustle of city life.   Like most capital cities most of the work for portam lies in the hospitality and trades sectors. The makeshift port is always busy ferrying goods to the nearby town of Silverdale and the taverns are always alight with warm fires and hungry bellies that need feeding. Plays and art have taken hold recently due to the works of the current Faultless Queen Adnala.
Founding Date
18 AP
Alternative Name(s)
The City of the Faultless
Inhabitant Demonym

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