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Glimoria - The Master of the Weave

Let the world be full of the unbelievable, unimaginable and the great

"Do you see your hands; think how small they used to be? They are not the hands of a worker. Your hands have never known the soil. These are the hands of a mage, place them together and from them weave miracles"
— Glimoria as he sat amongst the Star Saved Children

The Master of Magic

Glimoria dedicated his life to the creation and maintenace of the arcane arts of Verra'Talu. This magic permiates and folds through the realm eminating from an invisiable golden cloth crafted by Glimoria himself. Those who are blessed to be born under this cloth are imbued with supernatural abilities and the sense of magic around them. When Glimoria lived amongst mankind, as all the gods did, he told mankind this cloth was known as The Weave.   Glimoria created the weave out of his grandmothers golden hair a strand at a time. He painstakingly kept close enough to touch Solaines shoulder for decades and would hastily pocket any hairs that fell from her pure golden head. After amassing many single strands of hair he used his mothers loom to weave him a blanket to help him sleep in the dark and cold places of the world. As he slept under the blanket he discovered the ability to bend the very essence of reality. He had an idea. With two hands he stretched and stretched the weave until the whole planet was covered in this magical force. He found the further it stretched the more mankind flourished as they too had learnt to interat with this magical force.   Unfortunatly over time wear and tear in the weave has started developing holes. As the gods have now left there is no one to repair this damage and thus there are parts of Verra'Talu where magic does not stretch. Most notable is the realm of Midfield where citizens are often born with no arcane talents.

The Will of the Makers

From tall stone clad buildings to desperate farmers praying for the rain the use of magic to aid mankind has been paramount to the survival of this realm. Glimoria himself used to watch with amusement how the gnomes would build ships that lift into the air and with a wave of his hand he would propell them forward, conjuring and enchanting magic items as they left.   Glimorias champions have set up many crafting guilds around Verra'Talu and the god of magic is often depited as a very able and patient crafter. Some of his champions belive pottery espeially is something he is very found of and through the lands three arcane artefacts have been lost to time. Who ever hold all three are said to be imbued with powers no mortal could overcome.

Divine Domains, Symbols and Tenants of Faith

  • Air
  • Cities
  • Delirium
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Magic
  • Protection
  • Zeal
  • Change
  • Cold
  • Confidence
  • Destruction
  • Glyph
  • Lightning
  • Water
The symbol of Glimoria is an outstretched hand with an arcane sigil behind. The hand represents the physical act of touching the weave. For any spellcasting to work in Verra'Talu the hands of the spellcaster must come together and then move apart. This means to disable spellcasting all one needs to do is stop the initial contact of the hands
Lawful Neutral

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