SparkTech Media

SparkTech Media is an internet-based entertainment media company. Founded in 2016, it started off as a small YouTube channel and has since grown to include multiple Twitch streams, a podcast about urban living, and an app for sharing short video clips.   While SparkTech Media is in fact a registered business in the city of Verona and does bring in money via it's monetized channels, it's ultimately a pack of werewolves. Their strangest, most popular content is carefully coded messages for Iron Masters across North America.   The business has an office in Downtown that most of the pack wolf-blooded and humans work at.   The pack totem is Bright Cursor, a spirit of technology and communication.   The pack's territory is a modest patch of the woods just outside of Downtown, and they are planning to expand their territory back into Verona to re-encompass the area around their company headquarters now that the Vampires are not trying to keep them out.    

Pack Wolf-Blooded

Amelia Brown

Foreign Relations

SparkTech Media was most affected when the vampire's decided that werewolves needed to go; they had the most territory within the city as well as more resources that the Prince was able to use her connections to attack. Their Iron Master tendencies to adapt to change made them decide it was simpler to move their territory and focus on other growth rather than fight another war so soon after the last. They often ventured back into Verona when their Hunts required it but moved their actual homes out to the woods and built a small off-grid community - though some well made deals with various technology spirits lets them have all their most valued city essentials.   Now that the "ban" has been lifted they intend to expand back into the city and will not be so tolerant of vampire shenanigans.
Founding Date
March 2016
Broadcasting, Digital Network / Website
Leader Title
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations


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