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Greensward is one of the few locations West of Silverstream that is still vegetative. Originally just a port at the mouth of Silverstream used to transfer good from or to river barges to ocean faring vessels. However since the discovery of the Ruins of Alborect has brought in historians, archeologists, and scholars from around the world. This town needing to service both it's original trade and new trade has grown to be quite substantial town.   While the land surrounding the Greensward is still fertile it's not large enough to support the food needs for the town and must import many of it's foods from the surrounding villages.   The Castellean of the town garrison, Viscount  Demorant Hawthorne is a cruel taxmaster over the use of this town. The garrison's fort, Castle Spire, sits on a stretch of rocky expanse at the mouth of the Silverstream the end of which is affixed with a grand lighthouse which stands nearly 100ft tall, and can be seen from any corner of Greensward.  

The People

The bulk of the population is of course human. Like most of the Godsfall region elves are scarce preferring to live in the lush forests south of the Silverpeaks or east on the far reaches of the Elven kingdom of Loth Andros. Dwarves are pretty common as the old mithril mine was primarily staffed by them. There are several Tieflings that work near the dock but because of the General-Regent's distrust of them many opt to stay on the vessels they work, or in the warehouses. Alongside the Tieflings many dragonborn wander the dockyards looking for work which never appears to be in short supply. Many gnomes followed behind the historians as experts of craft and records.


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