Tala Seleþrin (TAH-lah sehl-ETH-rinn)

Written by Noctivox

What's the point of it bein' there if you don't go explore?
— Tala

  Tala Seleþrin is the lifelong friend of Korevi vel'Adeus and daughter of Ameria and Ilya Seleþrin. Kya Seleþrin was her older sister.

Since the passing of her sister, she has been motivated to become proficient in medical magic. Kya had wished to become a doctor, like their mother, and Tala now hopes to do what her sister did not have the chance to do.


Tala takes after her mother Ameria mostly in her appearance, a cheetah Fælen of amber fur with several brown-black spots speckled over her body. She stands at an above-average height of 174 centimeters. Her ears are short and round, but stand up straight amid her blue hair.


Tala is a very outgoing person, garnering most of her self-confidence from her sister, who also encouraged her ambitious behavior. As much as her sister has influenced her life, she rarely talks of her. She usually does not like to linger on the topic, especially with Korevi. Despite much grief, she assures Korevi that she forgives him for the accident.

Tala is a risk-taker and often uses Korevi as an outlet by encouraging and helping him break out of his shell. From a young age, she knew that he had his own passions for magic, and throughout their life she's expressed great willingness to help him succeed in the face of his condition.


Tala began learning magic at a very young age like her sister, who helped their mother Ameria teach Tala. At age nine, she expressed a greater interest in learning, but was not sure if there was anything she aspired to do with it in the future.

Tala plans to learn Aresian to become a Dragonmind along with Korevi.

by lagito37
18 years
Date of Birth
6th of Pluvur, 1863 TC
Fælen, Feline (Cheetah)

Height / Weight
174 cm (5'9") / 58 kg
Trans Female
She / Her

Iþivis, Kovura

Cover image: by Sebastian Wagner


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