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Is sleepin' with Stormsingers a part of your great legends, Jazz?

Who told you that!?
— Ludvig and Jaaza

  The Risen World's oceans of clouds are some of the most dangerous barriers to cross on Vernelis. Falling overboard on an airship is considered almost certain death, and if an area of the oceans are particularly thin, one may fall straight through into the darkness of the world below.

Storms are the only thing that break the deafening silence in the void under the Risen World. They are quite common, and sometimes visible from above the surface. Within the storms, though, are some of the only known creatures to still live and thrive in the Blackness.

Stormsingers are viscious creatures that only breach the surface when swiping an unfortunate sailor or traveler that has fallen into the clouds. Little is known about their habitat in the Blackness, but they are thought to use the storms of the void to hunt near the surface. They have become the focus of many mariner's tales, from worlds Old and New.


Little is known about the behavior of Stormsingers outside of their hunting tactics. There is debate surrounding their activity near the surface of the clouds; some believe that they hunt near the shores of continents for sport, sniffing out any who fall during the storms and playing a sort of 'game' to see who can reach the surface the quickest. Others believe that they are so desperate for food that they have no choice but to hunt any scraps that fall through.

Stormsingers hold some level of sapience, it's believed, as they are said to "speak" to their prey, either to lure them deeper into the clouds, or to ease their nerves before they strike. There are very few records verifying this, however, and many believe this to be part of the legends surrounding them.


Stormsingers are aquatic creatures, though many of their features resemble those of Humans. They are large, averaging about seven feet in length. Stormsingers have the ability to swim and, curiously, fly through the storms of the Blackness. Their arms are connected to their sides by retractable, scaly membranes, which flare out when in flight but are thought to aid in swimming as well. Their skin is pale and almost translucent in the sunlight. They are thought to hunt on smell alone and have no eyes.

Reproduction & Genetics

Stormsingers are believed to be sexual reproducers, though any details of their mating habits are unknown.

Sensory Perception

Stormsingers have an incredibly acute sense of smell, able to pick up the scent of prey carried down with the storms from thousands of meters above. However, they have no sense of sight, and their small ears signify weak hearing as well.


The Stormsingers' aquatic nature leads biologists to believe that their primary home is the ocean of the Ancient World, but they have developed the ability to fly- perhaps through Magic- through any storms that rage through. There are very few records of Stormsingers from before the Dark Era.

Geographic Distribution
All cloud oceans of the Risen World
Mostly in the West
60 - 70 years
Average Length
7'2" (218.44 cm)

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These sound like terrifying creatures. The idea of falling into the clouds makes me shiver on its own, let alone the idea of giant creatures hunting there.